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Friday, 17 July 2015

Antiques in Tetbury and Hungerford and Bury a Very English Fete

Antiques in Tetbury & Hungerford

We went to Tetbury yesterday.
Nass was delivering for a client and we thought we would have a look around afterwards.

It was an early drive from Arundel so  traffic not too bad.
If you're going that way it can get a bit rough around Chichester and Southampton at certain times of the day. 
Just avoid the obvious rush hours.

I love Tetbury itself , it's a pretty very English small country town.
The road  through the town was busier than I remember.
Shame they don't have a bypass.

The shops are very beautiful.
Tasteful, mostly gorgeous antiques.

Prices seem to me higher than in our neck of the woods, 
but then we are spoilt with Ardingly antique fair 
where we buy furniture that we restore ourselves.

We had breakfast in Cafe 53 a recommendation from a local.
A friend of ours who now lives and has a shop in Tetbury.

Says he eats there all the time.
Nass jokingly suggested we put our lovely breakfast on his tab.
We didn't of course, but I think he eats there so often he would never have noticed if we WERE that way inclined. LOL

The cafe was full...a good sign.
The ambiance was lovely.
The food cracking.

Adjoining is a shop on several floors. 
It's great combination of old and new.
Sometimes that just doesn't work, but here it seemed to.
They had the mix just right.

This was my favourite place.
Just absolutely gorgeous.
Nass, my husband, has brought me flowers back from here in the past.
He always goes into say Hi to the owners.

 It's more than a flower shop......
 Oh so much more......

 The owner I met, who was delightful is also an artist and designer......

 she hand paints lampshades...
 amongst other things....

 She also designs upholstery fabric.
This is one of hers...just stunning.....
then I wandered further down the street.....

Then it was onto Hungerford.

 on a glorious English summers afternoon.....

 This place was fantastic.....

Bury Fete

A very English affair....

More details on the link.

It's on next Saturday.
If you are local do go.

If you are not and you like all things English.....
pour yourself a cup of tea and come along with us here and get a feeling of it.


A Very English Summer Fete

Just outside of Arundel,
is the most beautiful village of Bury.

You leave Arundel,
 and travel up the hill towards the A29,
taking the second exit at the roundabout,
past Whiteways Lodge.
 If you glance into the car park to the left,
you might catch sight 
of a multitude
of bikers.
The motor variety, not the cycling.
It's quite a picture.

Hmmm, what DO you actually call a gathering of bikers?

The bikers have adopted the
 place and there are several
websites relating to their
 informal gatherings.

At various times of the year, 
you might see a few hundred bikes there.

Here's Whiteway's website.

As you drive towards Bury Hill
glance over to your right,
where there is one of the most
spectacular views of the area.
There is a small lay by.
It's worth pulling over
 and taking a photo,
or just
 in the view.

At the bottom of the hill,
turning right at the pub,
there is the most beautiful village of Bury.

Every year, when my dear chum
 Stella, returns from Boston 
for a few weeks sabbatical,
we try to get together and do all the very
English things,
 that after
over 20 years in the US 
she still loves to do.

Jumble sales and 
car boots are up there 
 high on the list,
English Summer Fetes
must surely be at the top. 

The fete at Dorset House school
in Bury is about as quintessentially
 English as you can get.

This was the last time I was there.

As I walked in the band were playing.

Excuse the jiggling around of the camera,
I was all agitated and desperate to get to the bargains,
on the 
bric a brac,
pictures stalls.

In that order.
Yes, really,
in order of importance. LOL

We all meet for tea in this little area.

They did guarantee the cakes were zero calories,
but I suspect they were just saying that to raise money for the Church. ha ha

Over the years,
Allan, Stella's  American husband,
has put up wonderfully, with our bargain hunting.

I'm not saying he doesn't come up with some acidic comment
as he scans our bags of bargains,
but they are all said with good humour, sorry humor,
and a sparkle in his eye. Ha ha 

The surroundings are just beautiful.

It's a lovely local venue for weddings

It's on Saturday 25th July
1pm onwards

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