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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

English Seaside Towns & Antique Pieces.

English seaside towns are timeless.
Well, at least certain parts of them are.
I visited Hastings recently and there are parts of the town 
that were the backdrop for 
Foyles War, a TV series set in World War 2.
I don't suppose it looks much different now
 to what it did then, in Hastings old town.

oooo well maybe somethings are a little different LOL.

Yesterday I went to Littlehampton.

It's on my doorstep, and often buzz in and out to shop, or photocopy.
Yesterday though, I had friends staying, one from France.
So, we explored.
You look at a place so much differently then dont you?

I had never been to East Beach Cafe before.

 it was soooooo windy on the seafront.
 East Beach Cafe.....

It's been in the national papers it's so well known.
Mostly for it's design.

We came upon some quirky sights......

 no it's not a real dog ....LOL
 and no...this isnt a real woman..ha ha

 The developers of this block of apartments had retained the old warehouse facade , which was great.

Been working on furniture in the garden, the weather has been so good......

One of our neighbours is a vet,
and brought some little bundles home one
 evening as she had to feed them every few hours in the night.....

 Antique Pieces

Here's a taste of what we have at the moment....
For more of what we do go to 

I'm off to paint.
Have a great day.
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