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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ardingly Antique Fair, The Spread Eagle Midhurst and a Very English Summer Fete.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday was Ardingly Antiques Fair.

Beautiful weather makes for a much more pleasant fair.
I don't know how the sellers did .....from buying point of view it wasn't hectic.

We didn't find a massive amount but had a great day and bought some very interesting pieces.

Ardingly for us these days is  fun.

Nass travels in the van with our friend Paul
 and I bring up the rear with his wife in the car.
Now, if the truth were told we don't rush like the guys.
We let them go off like bats out of hell in the van at silly o'clock and then we have coffee and toast.
Just say we were stuck in traffic.LOL

Gentle drive to Ardingly.
Because the chaps get held up in all the rush hour traffic anyway,although we leave Arundel about an hour after, we arrive only twenty minutes after them.

Difference is we are nice and relaxed.

You can get in at 6 am if you wanted to.on the first day it's £20.

It's good going with friends in the business, you find yourself looking at totally 
different things than you would normally.
We have a good day.

Separate and meet up for coffee and lunch.
Food there for veggies is not brilliant.
I think I could maybe make huge amounts of cash having a veggie/healthy food wagon there.
Maybe one day someone will clock that.

That night we were invited out to dinner by some clients.
They were staying at The Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst.

It's a lovely ....quite posh.... hotel and restaurant.
We had a great evening.
Food sumptuous.
Not too marvellous when you're trying to do Slimming World, but very lovely and delicious.

I was gentle on the wine.
We didn't know the clients that well.
Just getting to know them.
So trying to be sensible.
You know?

As we left I went to the bathroom.
It's a long drive back to Arundel.

Came out of the cubicle washed the hands.
Just leaving.
HMMM where's the door handle gone?
Must have dropped off.
Tried to open the wretched door with no handle.
Very strange in such a smart establishment.

Panic now setting in.
Let's phone the husband,
I could hear his phone ringing and him saying
"What on earth is she phoning me for?"

Then I realised .........
Yep...I was desperately trying to get in to the cleaning cupboard.

As I came out they were all sitting outside the ladies waiting for me.
Nonchalantly  I walked out 
But I'm not so sure I got away with it.
I blame it on something in the Pinot Grigio.

Ah well...they said they would like to come and stay with us next time they are in the UK.
Either they don't think I'm a total ejit
Or...they think it might be a very interesting few days. LOL

Last Saturday I went to Bury Fete.

Now, Bury Fete is such a very English affair.
A typical summer fete.
Brass band playing.
Tea and cakes on the lawn.
The most glorious of settings.
Dorset House School.

I try to go every year.
Often my friend Stella is here.

Stella used to live in Arundel many years ago.
She went to live in the US when she remarried.
Each summer she  and her American husband return to their cottage in Tarrant Street.
We get to do the very English things she misses.

Cream tea at Belinda's in Tarrant Street.
Jumble Sales and Charity Shops.
Strawberry Fair at Binsted.
Bury Summer Fete...all come out pretty high on our list.

tug of war

have a great day

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