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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Arundel Festival & The Most Glorious Antiques Warehouse

Arundel Festival

Well .....the fireworks have gone off

The bunting is coming down,

Screamin Lez & The Mindbenders
 have played
their finale.

Arundel Festival is over for another year.

The streets of the small town that for 10 days
host to thousands of festival goers
are now quiet.

 There is no doubt it's a fantastic event.

If tiring. LOL

We had a good week with gallery trailers coming
to view the artists around our warehouses.

There were so many events around the town.......

I've lost count.....

Our friends Clare and Mike played outside the warehouse for two days.

Called themselves "MangeTout"
on account of their playing French Cafe music.

Some woman was most CROSS
as she sat down and ordered.
She thought it meant we were serving 
Coffee/cakes and wine.

"Well, it's advertised." She insisted.
"I don't think it is." came my curt reply.

"Oh yes it definitely says in the programme.......
Cafe Music with MangeTout."

I'm not saying anything...LOL

Here's a few photos from the last day.......


An exceeding wet mayor.......

 James Stuart our mayor and owner of Zimmer Stuart art gallery in Tarrant Street,

After being put in the stocks.......

down at The Kings Arms Pub.

Yep that's it for another year........

Bye Bye gang

Nass, my husband
 Paul and Alison who share our space.
and the lovely Jenny Lock the artist.
She exhibits with us in the trail each year....
We love her and her work.

Jenny Locks work.

Clubhouse Interiors....Antiques


Nass and I took an hour out during a lull, to visit our friends at The Vinery.
Clubhouse Interiors.
The most fantastic antiques warehouse in the area.

I hadn't been to their brand new warehouse and was eager to get in there and have a look around.

They ARE open to the public, but they sell mostly to the trade.
You need to contact them for an appointment 
if you were thinking of a visit..

Warehouse number 01903 883137

Martin and Mary have an amazing style.
Many years ago they were in the warehouses where Nass and I are at the moment.

Actually I think they had all three warehouses.

Then they needed even space so went to The Vinery at Poling.
Which they outgrew.
So now they have a new even larger space.

The Vinery was a mushroom farm years ago. 
It is now home to several
 antique dealers.
Maybe I'm biased but I think this is the most spectacular.

Have a wander around Clubhouse Interiors  showroom.
See what you think........

They also hire out to
 props and film companies.....

Some of their
items were in Harry Potter.

Fantastic....We love it.

The Club House
Unit 35,
The Vinery
Arundel Road
West Sussex
BN18 9PY


Thanks to everyone who came to visit us in the festival.
Many friends make a point of coming down.

We made a few hundred pound on our tombola for the
Chestnut Tree House
The local childrens hospice.

Thanks to everyone who donated.

Local shops
who kindly put items in
Arundel Interiors
Martin Steel
Fanny Adams
The Swan Pub
Walking Stick Shop
Roly's Fudge

As soon as our box has been emptied by The Chestnut Tree staff
I'll let you know how much.

Have a great day.

all our links,





The Hoarde

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