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Monday, 7 September 2015

Breakfast Montmatre, Lunch La Puce, Dinner Pigalle....J'aime Paris.

We are
a husband and wife team
with a large antiques trade warehouse in
Arundel, Sussex, UK

Open to the public
Fri Sat Sun 10-4

All other times are trade appointments or chance openings.


It's been a hectic few days.

Wonderful city I hadn't
seen for many years.

Four days .

We went with friends.

Birthday and anniversary celebrations.

A lovely couple we've known a long time.

Fun...laugh until you weep.

Nass and Paul  by van and ferry.
Alison and I Eurostar,

Us girls only went posh as just 3 seats in the van.
Not a great idea to have someone in the back of a van ,at present, n'est pas?

HaHa we got told off by Eurostar
 staff on the return journey for being late.
Enjoying ourselves too much.

Lost track of time.

We found a great apartment in Pigalle through Air BnB

In the midst of busy, bustling traffic and crowds,
 Moulin Rouge,sex shows, 
jam packed restaurants and bars..... 

The  apartment was
down a quiet little cul de sac side road.

The owner 
calls it
The Haven of Peace.

With its small  patio garden to sit in
after a days rushing around, it was heaven.

Having said that we still had the heartbreaking sight 
of someone sleeping in the doorway early one morning.

As we stepped over him quietly 
we noted next to him
and others sleeping in
 cardboard boxes along the way,
a touch of kindness.

A croissant and butter placed by each.

There are compassionate people still in the world, hey?

Then there's the madness of the city...

Champs Elysee....and some of the goings on....

These models ?

 Cars....yep there MUST be a connection though we couldn't see it......

Ha ha 
Nass my husband.

Dinner at Le Chat Noir in Pigalle one evening

Gorgeous meal...reasonable price too...

Either I had forgotten due to the intervening years since my last visit...

Was it always so?

Or is Montmatre now super touristy?

Still beautiful though..

This little dog barked and hissed at every man who walked past.
The thing was he was almost out of sight in this bag over the owners shoulder.

Men almost leapt of out their skin. LOL
It WAS very funny to watch.

and then there was the antique buying,,,,

Which was wonderful...

Prices are high....

but some pieces and  shops are incredible.

This blog gives you a comprehensive write up of the area.

We bought this lovely 18th century commode


Return to England

Back to Arundel.

Down to earth...

 with a van full of the most beautiful antique pieces.

These will be on our Hoarde site very soon.

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