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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Arundel Festival, Liberty London and other chat.

Arundel Festival 
has recently finished and our lovely town
 becomes peaceful again.

The festival is one of the highlights of the year.
Thousands pour into town.

Restaurants and cafes fill to bursting.
The Gallery Trail among the many events going on.

Painters, sculptors, potters....any medium you can think's here

We exhibit our decoupage.

music around every corner.

 down at our warehouses our friends Claire and Mike were playing

 another friend plays sax up in Tarrant Street

 tap dancing......

gallery trail

Peter Neuner is a particular favourite of ours...quirky

Jubilee Gardens is busy with events all week....

 audience participation with a magician....

 vintage cars................
my dad had a car exactly like this!

 Vintage clothes procession.....

 see what I mean about the thousands?

 mother and daughter are neighbours of ours.

Michelle made her 60's style dress from an original pattern

Thanks to everyone who organised it.
A great 10 days.

We were busy getting ready not only for the festival...
but for trade customers coming from the US

Our decoupage on 19th century pieces seems to be getting more and more sought after

Which is great for us 

Thing is, when Nass goes out to the shop he locks the door

"Stay and get on with all those chests of drawers" He laughs through the window.

It's ok I can get is only a joke

 isnt it?????

botanicals are a particular favourite of mine

 French maps...19th century ...all over a mahogany chest

 bamboo cabinet ...English Victorian circa 1880...bright green and parrots
We first did one of these for Homes and Garden magazine

Butterflies chests fly out...'scuse the pun

we turn this

into this......gilt and fish chest

We don't only decorate with decoupage...we hand paint tartan sometimes....

Mind boggling to do...but worth it.

then there are the vintage enamel bowls...that we paint and gild and decoupage

We've had a great year.

To be invited to take a space in one of the most prestigious stores in the UK
was incredible....actually lets face it, one of the most well known stores in the world...

Most of the larger pieces are out, but we still have a small collection on the gallery area.
The room seen here is getting prepared for Liberty's well known Christmas shop.

After Christmas we are invited to return.
 We will be back into the main room on Liberty's 4th floor.
With a large collection of decorative antiques and some new and beautiful ideas.

Have a great day

and give us a like and a share