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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Elsa, Queen of Sussex

Yes, that really is her full title.

Does this mean she is related to the newly married
Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

Our 9-month-old Elsa is a poorly girl in the vets today.
 I can not think of anything else.

I have a ton of work to do,
 but just can't concentrate on any of it.

So, about Elsa.

Last November we fell in love with the 12 week old Elsa. 

We hadn't intended to. 
It just sort of happened.
A friends dog had puppies.

"Let's just go and look." said Nass, " Have a cup of tea. Catch up."

Yeah right.

 And as soon as possible we brought her home to Arundel.

We remember years ago visiting an old friend in Wales.
He pulled out a photo album.

"Ali...but....every page has your puppy on it," said Nass
"Yes? So?"

Of course, now we understand!

Elsa settled well and is a fantastic companion with a lovely temperament. 

We adore her.
Our friends and customers adore her.

We ran into Elsa's sister Winnie in Arundel Park

We walk everywhere together, her and I.

Before Elsa I had been trying to walk most days.

For the past couple of years, its mostly been
 up in Arundel park, or along the river bank.

The great thing about now having Elsa,
I'm looking for new haunts and 
revisiting walks in Sussex
 I haven't done for many years.

I used to drop my son Jay at school in Slindon,
 a beautiful Sussex village,
then take my Afghan through the woods and over the hills.

Now Elsa and I do the same.

We go everywhere.
She is a delight to take.
Loves to socialise with other dogs.
Comes back without fuss.

One of our favourites is Burpham
I set
"Map My Walk"

And off we go.

 I am hooked on Audible books.
Listen on every walk.
Not with headphones.
 Was giving me a headache.
With my phone tucked in my bag.

If I pass other walkers they think I am talking to myself.

I get self-conscious and turn it off
 if it's a man's deep throaty voice
 booming from my bag.

That's the other thing.

The reader.
You have to like the voice, otherwise, it's intensely irritating.

On my 120th book now.

When I finish one I particularly love, I am bereft!

They all come along on my hikes.

Harry Hole....
Jack Reacher....
Eleanor Oliphant...Oh! I almost cried when she left my side. 

So...whats happened to our lovely girl.

She had a bad leg last week.
Our first lesson.

A foreign body..maybe a grass seed.
Had got in under the skin and she then had an infection.
So, although I check after the walk.

Double/triple check in future.

When she didn't seem right over the past few days,
 we assumed it to be the leg.

Until she passed a piece of wood.
About an inch and a half long.
With a sharp pointed end.

So after xrays, the vet is operating to double
 check there's nothing else in there.
Cos she is really poorly.

And we will keep a very close eye on her in future,
to make sure she isn't nibbling on something she shouldn't be.

Here are a few latest items in the shop.
Come and see us if you're in Arundel.
And give Elsa a hug.

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