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Friday, 22 June 2018

Playing Hooky, Slimming World and Lunches With Friends

Playing Hooky

I've been sneaking off work a bit lately.
But don't tell my boss.
He has been lining up chests for me to work on.

Had lunch with a friend in the most
 beautiful of settings on Wednesday.

The Artisan Bakehouse in Ashurst village near Steyning.

It's in the little village where Laurence Olivier lived in later life.
This is a lovely piece on him and about him living here in Sussex

 As for us, we just sat in the garden in the June sunshine.
 Catching up on life's ups and downs.

 And eating the most glorious food.

They make everything themselves.
Only open at certain times of the year.

 Best to book.
 Not open in the evenings....but...
 They will do private parties and weddings.

You can also get away from it all and stay as they have stunning accommodation.

They run workshops.
Breadmaking is one of them.
I had the Brighton Blue, spinach and walnut quiche, with a massive salad.
Cos I am still a Brighton gal at heart.
It was heavenly.
Even better as I haven't eaten pastry for a long, long while.

Been going to Slimming World.

 But I didn't think too much about that on Wednesday


Met up with old friends in Petworth last week.

We wandered around the town after looking at Petworth House.
Took in some of the antique shops.

Tallulah Fox has moved and the new shop looked stunning.

We have a load of new pieces coming into our Arundel warehouse

You'll find all the details of everything that's come in on our site on The Hoarde

If you are into butchers blocks we have several coming in over the next few days.

By the way
Slimming World
Should it be of interest.

I first went about 3 years ago..after I had been to visit friends in France

& one of them didn't recognise me as I came through arrivals.

I had put on so much weight.

I hadn't wanted to go as a result of the weight.
Didn't take swimming gear,
 although my friend had a massive pool in the garden.

Bought baggier and baggier clothes....which only made me look bigger

I just felt wretched about myself.

When I came home I signed up
 at the Arundel Slimming World group.
Lost two and a half stone

Felt like a different person

Over the past few months felt the pounds going on,
so returned and have lost nearly a stone.

When I get to goal I shall try and dip in every few weeks to the group.
Just to keep an eye on things.

One of the chief helps in the weightloss has been
our lovely puppy.

Her and I walk for miles.
In the Arundel hills.

on one of the local beaches

one of our favourite walks is to Burpham

all over the place.

I set Map My Walk.

Put on the walking shoes.

Put my latest Audible book on my phone.

And off we go.

So thanks Elsa

Have a great day.

Come to see us on FB
if you'd like to find out more about us.