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Friday, 20 July 2018

Lordington Lavender & Upcycled Bowls

I nearly missed it.
And I had wanted to go for 2 years.
With all the stress of last week, it was a welcome respite.

Elsa was still recovering from her operation
 down at Optivet in Havant.

I was twiddling my thumbs.
So my lovely chum Allie and I went over to Lordington Lavender.

It was a short, beautiful drive through the Sussex countryside.

 On a gloriously hot day.

As we arrived, this was the sight that greeted us.

Provence in the English countryside.

They only open to the public for one week of the year.

You can hire for photo shoots.
And they do the occasional wedding.
A very romantic venue for both.

Upcycled Bowls

With our lovely Elsa having been so poorly,

 I haven't had much time for decoupage.

 But before it all happened I had just finished working on these bowls.

They are large enamel, vintage wash bowls.

That started out like this

 That I paint then decorate....
 then crackle to give some feeling of age

and here's some I did earlier
They are decorated with gilt then decoupage

They are BIG.

Totally impractical.
You can't put food or water in it.

But would look great on a beach, conservatory, or summer house table.

Have a great day