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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Elsa Queen of Sussex and What Happened Next.....& Arundel Festival Starts Saturday

Coming Home

It's been a tough few weeks for L'il Elsa.
And an emotional time for us.

Heres what happened to begin with

Oh dear a lot more has happened since then.

All because of this.

No, no, not the £1 coin.
The grass seed alongside.

A few days after her operation, I visited Elsa at the vets and she was doing really well.

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Video – Portrait – 15 Jul 2018, 13:53:54
We were told, "Home tomorrow."
Yaaay we were thrilled.
She had come through the spinal surgery, removing the grass seed that had migrated there.
In just a few days she seemed to be on the mend.

And she could stand long enough to eat her food.

We were optimistic that with plenty of rest and TLC she would make a good recovery.

But over the following days, something was happening.
She couldn't stand without assistance.

The little boy next door fashioned a sling from a calico shopping bag.
Something we could hold her up with when we took her into the garden.

We were hand feeding her.
Pushing fluids into her mouth with a syringe.

We rushed her back to Optivet Referrals in Havant.

Nass carried her in.
The nurses came to say hello.

They were upset by her decline.
They had grown rather fond of "Queen Elsa."

The vet thought an infection may have set in.

She was put on intravenous fluids and antibiotics.

"If she comes through the next few days we are hopeful of a good recovery."
Woooah that was scary.

She did come through.
After being in the vets for 5 days.

The first few days home she had a really unsteady gait.
The left leg, in particular, was a problem.
The foot folding over.

The surgeon had to sever a nerve to the leg in order to extract the grass seed.
So we knew it would be problematical.

When she wasn't in the large crate we had borrowed from the vets,
she was with us.

Down in the studio.
Or when we sat in the garden in the evenings, she was always beside us in her bed.

She was covered in medication patches.

We stayed close those first few days.
Taking turns to sleep on the sofa.

I didn't go far during the day.
Worked on my laptop where Elsa could see me.

Brought furniture into the house so I could decoupage and still keep an eye on her.
Left music on to settle her if I had to go out.

She particularly responded to Classic FM.
Clearly likes high brow.
Well, she is Queen Elsa of Sussex after all.

Three weeks later she is getting stronger by the day.

Our friend Larry came to see her the other day.
Larry loves Elsa.
And she adores him.

The day he sat next to her crate when she was so ill, he later admitted,
"I said goodbye. Thought I wouldn't be seeing her again."

So when she went to greet him, his face lit up.
"It's a miracle."

The Elsa spark is back.

She has tried to make a dash up the stairs.
Well, succeeded once, actually.
But she couldn't come down.
Legs not strong enough yet.

Nass carried her down.
But he has MS and although fine most of the time, we were worried he may lose his balance.
They would both take a tumble then.
So he came down one stair at a time .....on his backside with Elsa in his arms.

She clearly thought it great fun.

We hope it won't be long before she and I are off on our adventures again.

"Step away from the grass."

Thanks to all the vet care.

 Fitzalan Veterinary in Littlehampton
All the team at Optivet Referrals

To Kennel Club Insurance for their patience.

And all our friends and customers 
who have been sending their good wishes.

Decoupage Stuff

So while I've been staying in, I haven't just been sitting on my rear.

I've been transforming beaten up old French washbowls such as these.......

into something quite different.

pleased with how this finished up

 this is how it started..................

.......................and here's how it wound up.
would make a great coffee table.

also been working on Victorian bamboo.


with some help

Few lovely pieces coming into the warehouse

 French oyster plates
 Buffet Deux Corps 19th century

Loving these 1960's lights from the Rolls Royce Factory.
We've had a lot of interest in them.

and here's how to find us.

Find all our latest antiques at

Coming Up

Arundel Festival starts on Saturday.

You will find all things festival on

Our lovely Jay and his family will be
 over for the first time in many years.

We are all excited beyond words.

Jay is a menswear designer living in California

Mummy and son dance at his wedding

He trained locally here in Sussex.
Northbrook College one of the first colleges in Europe to provide a menswear BA course.

The suit he designed for his own wedding, even had vintage English sixpences made into cufflinks.

Get those suitcases packed guys..........

Have a great day.