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Friday, 27 September 2019

Upcycling, Countryside Walking Around Arundel & Our Antiques


Where possible we like to keep antique
 and vintage pieces as near original as we can.

Sometimes though..... get the point

So..... then we like to give things a helping hand.

We paint and decorate with decoupage, using 19th-century images.

Here's what we did with those vintage enamel buckets and tubs.



I bought this vintage French table/magazine rack from one of our French friends

had fun doing it's not all hard work

inspection from quality control

sometimes we gild and then decoupage

we start with this

and wind up with this

lots of work yes...but satisfying

and sometimes I get help.....

and sometimes I don't.

We do the same work on bamboo

 I've been working on English Victorian
bamboo for over 20 years.
I still love it

and chests of drawers

that start out like this

and end up like this

they've also been on the 4th floor of Liberty London

and in magazines

sometimes a magazine asks us to do something very different for a shoot

always happy to oblige

I went to
Arun Business of the Year Awards.

Best small business of 1-5 employees

exciting hey?


Arundel must surely be the most beautiful town on the south coast of England.

We are lucky enough to live and work in the town.
Lived here for almost 30 years.

 Every morning Elsa and I do a different walk...

sometimes along the riverbank....

sometimes in the hills...

sometimes we get soaked

and sometimes we don't

Arundel park

One of my favourite walks is to Burpham, a little village just outside Arundel.
If I don't have a huge amount of time I drive to Warningcamp and walk from there.

I always have Map my Walk and an audible book going on my phone.

Stephen King at the moment.

Turn him down if someone is being murdered.
Sorry, Stephen.

Not good listening in the middle of no-where..spend a lot of time looking over the shoulder.

 This is North Stoke...gorgeous village

The Ghurka Bridge between South and North Stoke
I found it quite by chance,_West_Sussex


She was 2 last week.....last year we nearly lost her.. a grass seed went into her leg and migrated to her spine

She couldn't walk at one point.
Or feed herself.
Or even lift her head.
Just the slightest flick of the tail.

Look at her now.

Here's her story

When the MS gets too much for Nass
she's always there to cheer him up.


The warehouse is looking full at the moment.

open every day 11-4.
Trade welcome anytime just call or email us.
You'll find all details on our website.

you'll find more of our latest stock on our website

Come and see us if you visit Arundel.
We would love to see you.

Have a great day