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Monday, 30 December 2019

Slimming World

Losing That Weight.

Taaa daaa 

I made it.

Target...... in time for Christmas.

Been going to the Arundel Slimming World group.

It's Saturdays at the scout hall opposite Arundel surgery,  9am and 11am.

9am is busy, busy.
11am a much smaller group. 
Perfect for those feeling daunted by the first tentative steps into the meeting.

Putting On Weight

I had started to put on weight when I was working nights.
For 7 years while we were building up our antique business
 I worked at a residential home in Crawley. 
" Adolescents with Challenging Behaviour " the job description read.

And yes, it really was as challenging as it sounds.
Wild at times.

Ooooooh yes. 

It was quite an experience.
But it had its rewards.
At the time and since.

Interestingly, I was contacted by a couple of those adolescents.
Now in their 20s, they thanked me for helping them turn their life around.

Nice hey?
Never thought that would happen. 
That's all you need to have made it worthwhile.

So the weight that crept on.

I think the stress of the job to begin with.
But also working nights and eating all over the place.
The main meal at 2am when the kids were settled and the paperwork is done.
Not ideal.

Little or no exercise.
The journey took an hour each way.
The shift was 13.5 hours.
In between, I was decorating furniture.

Not many hours left to include sleep and exercise.

The only fast walking or running I did was chasing absconders through the streets of Crawley. 

Occasionally I would cycle to the Black Rabbit and back after work.
Until the chain fell off my bike one day and I walked it back almost weeping I felt so tired.

Anyway,  the pounds crept up on me before I noticed.
I tried losing it by myself but it just wasn't happening. 

I met up with friends in France.
I really, really, didn't want to go.
Grizzled as I packed my bag.
And these were mates I'd known since I was 18.
It should have been a joy.

car boot sales where one of our favourite mornings out.

and it was to a degree...

 we did have laughter and fun....

and it was the most beautiful area...

I felt big.
Uncomfortable in everything I wore.

None of my clothes fitted except oversized baggy tops that made me look even larger.

One of my friends told me afterward she hadn't recognised me as I came through arrivals at the airport.

That was it.

I joined Slimming World when I came home.
Lost 3 stone.
same specs...same earrings...but a whole different outlook.....

I reached the goal I set myself but still didn't feel 100% comfortable.

So in September, I gave myself a new target.
I rejoined to give myself an injection of enthusiasm.

The new members chat.
New books.
Fresh attitude to it.

The week before Christmas I hit the stone mark.

So, if I sound like a Slimming World advertisement it's because I'm thrilled.
It really worked for me.
As a vegetarian, it's the perfect eating plan.

One of the secret weapons is speed food.
Fruit and veggies that actually speed things up.
Yes, really! Like magic!

I tried by myself.

But....I needed to stand on those scales at the group every week.
And get the support of others having the same ups and downs.

I shall never forget the cheer that went round the room
when I stood on those scales and gave the thumbs up.

So thank you, Slimming World chums.

Happy New Year to you all.

Country Walks

I walk with Elsa our cocker spaniel every day.

We go for miles.
The advantage of having our own business.
I'm happy to work later on decorating furniture

Set Map My walk.
Latest audible book.
And we are off.

Here are a few snaps

sometimes we get drenched....

we came upon this wonderful shelter built by The National Trust in the middle of fields in Slindon.

The castle and the river are never far from view.

Our Warehouse

Hidden behind the Co-op in Arundel
 Nass and I have our antique collection
 in an 18th-century brewery warehouse.

Here's us and a taste of what we do.

the boss ( well, thinks he is )


by the way...we have also been in Liberty London

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Have a lovely day
and a very
Happy New Year