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Friday, 10 June 2011


The Arundel Festival
Yes, it might seem a long way off, but the way the year is going, it will be here before we can blink.

It's looking pretty certain that 
Arundel Eccentrics
will be taking the lovely shop in Tarrant Street for the duration of the festival.

So...look out for us at 
57, Tarrant Street

I might even have a wee private view evening.
We all know what that means...a little glass of "orange juice" to help kick the festival off.
Maybe even 10% off purchases as it will be all mates.

Let me know if you think you would like to come along 
and I'll start putting an invite list together.

It was wonderful last year, to be in the thick of it all, at least for a few days.
We are a bit hidden away in our warehouse, but I probably wouldn't be 
able to manage a shop as well as work on the items I restore and decorate.
Not enough hours in the day are there?
 I am still working nights at the residential home for adolescents,
in Crawley, so life does 
 get a wee bit hectic at times.

For anyone interested in interiors I came across some lovely blogs the other day.
one of them which is really inspiring is

Dont Forget!
If you would like to be included in a special 10% off,
Grab an orange juice,
(Nah..not really, orange juice!)
 Private View Evening
do let me know.

Meanwhile, I have one more night before I am off again, so