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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Arundel & English Victorian Bamboo

Its been an interesting week.

Weather wise to start with.

 We had the most glorious weekend last week, as did many people.
Arundel was absolutely heaving with folk, either on the water, 
walking the riverbank, or wandering around the town. was hot hot hot

The Black Rabbit

I had a busy week working on my 19th century bamboo and chests of drawers, 
with several orders coming through I was really glad that I had managed,
by fair means or foul,
 to get some unpaid leave from my grown up job.

It meant I could disappear down to the Summer House at the end of the garden, 
by the river Arun, and paint, gild and decoupage to my hearts content, 
without the dark cloud of "I have to go off to work all night", hanging over me.

These bamboo tables, believe it or not, are circa 1860 and made in England. 
There were factories all over London, 
satisfying the Victorian appetite for all things oriental.

If you go to this link


you will find a list of the factories and all about the
bamboo furniture that was made in the 19th and early 20th century.
Its quite a read!
Many of the pieces were made from the packing cases bringing tea from the east. 

this is a 19th century French cupboard,
I've painted and given the fish  treatment to.

and a Victorian bamboo bookcase with botanical's decoupage

We went to an auction to buy more chests of drawers and on
 the way back dropped by to see our friend
Annette Puttnam
in her shop in Petworth.

She has a gorgeous antique shop.
I love her style.Its not as cluttered as we have.

Petworth, for the uninitiated, is overflowing with antique and decorative shops.

Nass went to play cricket at Slindon yesterday afternoon.

He lived in Slindon, virtually since he came here as a boy, 
firstly at 
Slindon College and then in a cottage a
 little too close to the Newburgh Arms.
Actually it was within spitting distance, (should you have such a habit) 
 of the wonderful local pub which has since gone to that great brewery in the sky.

 Nass played for Slindon cricket club since he was 14 years old, 
when, much to their surprise and I suspect, annoyance at first,
 he walked into the cricket club meeting at 
the aforementioned alehouse and told them in no uncertain terms 
if they didn't let him play every week, 
he wouldn't play for them at all.

Quite rightly, he felt, they only asked him, 
as the very junior member,
 when they were short.

He turned into one of their star players and has played for them ever since.

Slindon is reputedly where modern day cricket was first played in the 18th

yesterday the cricket team were being filmed for 
Country Ways, on an episode about Slindon,
which will be out in a few weeks time.
Nass said there were more crew than spectators!

If I hear when it is, I will let you know 
as I realise there are a few 
old Slindon boys
who might be interested.

Now, I must away for a walk before I sleep the day away, having worked last night.
Having had the bathroom scales winking at me for several weeks I took the plunge, 
and instead of again kicking them out of site, I actually stood on them.


Yes...its official..its time to take myself in hand and lose that weight.
Working nights take their toll.

Drinking wine on nights off...... as a result of working nights..take their toll!

I have to get myself looking a bit thinner for the wedding of the year next September.

 Our Jay and his lovely Krista
will be tying the knot in Virginia.

the proposal... outside the Church where Nass and I were married in Arundel

That's something to really look forward to

Anyway, if you ever fancy a power walk 
one morning,
do let me know!

have a great weekend