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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


On 10th December it will be Arundel by Candlelight.
Last year was absolutely amazing and the town heaved.
 yes, yes, I know it hasn't snowed yet this year...
I just thought it would get you in the festive mood!

If you are thinking of coming to visit on that night... my one piece of advice
 would be, to get into town early, as parking is at a premium.

We took a stand in the High Street last year with our

 Arundel Christmas Cards
and Arundel Diaries
plus gifts
were able to direct people to our warehouse 
.... the old 19th century brewery building,
that was once the 
Swallow Brewery.
(The  original Swallow sign now hangs from the town hall)

Alas, this year I have to work the night at my grown up job 
and there is no-one to replace me so I cannot take a stand...
What is probably the best kept shopping secret in Arundel
 will be open...
it has more space than if we had a shop in town...... just happens to be  round a corner and doesn't have a window.

So here are the directions.

From the Post Office... 
Come over the bridge and on the right hand side,
 you pass Hackers and will find a little alley way.
( It has William Hill next to it)
Refrain from going in for a little flutter and 
save your money until you have seen what we have.......

Down the alley, turn immediately left and sharp left 
(so you come in behind the Co-op)
We are interesting..... but certainly not posh!

In the far left corner there is a little doorway..
step through and prepare to be amazed.

Three showrooms of, 
interior vintage items
decorative furniture
 Arundel  Christmas cards...

and a very warm welcome.

You might remember us from the little shop in Tarrant Street 
we took this year and last for the Arundel Festival.

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 Have a lovely day.