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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Beautiful day in Arundel

It really was a lovely day in Arundel today.

Not too hectic either. It had a real " end of season" feel about it.
I took my camera and walked along the river bank, when I SHOULD have been finishing my end of year books.

Ah well ..Tomorrow is another day and it was too gorgeous to miss.

Here's a few pictures

basking in the November sunshine

We had a couple of hiccups..suddenly remembered we 
didn't pay congestion charge when we went to London the other day.
I could really kick myself as it was my job to do it.

C'est la vie!

Hope your day was good 
and not too many hiccups for you!

I'm so irritated with myself I might need a nice glass of red.
For the blood pressure, you understand.