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Saturday, 12 November 2011


Well, I HAVE been a bit quiet just recently on my blog.
Loads of things happening  to keep me occupied.

Last Saturday I headed for Chichester market 
as I always do on a Saturday if I am not working, to stoke up on the marvellous fruit and veg they have there.

Why on earth we ever buy the stuff 
at exorbitant prices in supermarkets is beyond me.
Plus, you always get a bit of banter to brighten up the day, 
and often a tasty, young guy to take your bags to the car.
It's a win/win situation!

Anyway, I digress......
The car WAS making a strange noise on the way and completely seized up on approaching the biggest, busiest roundabout in the town. 
No steering, power...nothing.
Thank goodness managed to roll it onto a safe area.

It was interesting waiting for the AA, who I have to say are brilliant, particularly  when they know you are a woman in a vulnerable situation. They really arrive fast.

Anyway, while waiting, I observed how impatient some drivers are, speeding round the roundabout, 
honking and gesticulating 
at anyone who holds them up.

It flashed through my mind, more than once,
"sorry sir its you, not they, who are the banker"
If you know what I mean?

When the AA man was under the bonnet, 
I noticed a guy taking his life
 in his hands to cross the road.

My initial thought was "how bonkers".
Turns out it was a kind knight in shining armour,
 friend of ours who had spotted me
and was coming to see if I was OK and could I get home?

Some people are so kind hey?

Long and the short, we had to get a new car...the work would have been about £1,200 and the car apparently now only worth £150!

So yesterday we drove home, a second-hand
but much newer than our old car,Cleo.
I did have a little tear in my eye 
as I glanced back at the car 
I've been driving for 11 years.

Not a great time to be needing a new car,
 as at my grown up job 
we've have huge upheavals.
Within the next month I, as will all staff, 
either be down to half my hours, or redundant.
Scary hey?
 Although I really just want to concentrate on my business, 
not sure if the time is right to be without the back up of regular cash coming in.

Will just have to cross the proverbial bridge when I get to it.

By the way so saying...wonder what 5 police divers were looking for in the river at Arundel,
just under this bridge, 
all day yesterday?

Huge speculation ranging from "swag" to a body.

Been working on some new pieces and although I still have loads of work to do on them, they are taking shape nicely.
By the way, we are still working on 
pieces for Liberty in London, which is so exciting.

So, look out for our fish items in their furniture department!

This 19th century cupboard was in such a state I had to hose it down 
before I could even get it in the door!

Its scrubbing up well though.

It still needs many layers of varnish and craquelure, and several hours work,
 but its looking better than it was.

Nass is setting up his own enterprise
 next month,

So, we will be doing a lot more business things together plus he will be sharing my web space 
rather than starting his own website.

Hence over the next few months

will include a much more diverse range of pieces.

One of the services he will be offering is a courier one, 
driving the US antique trade to source their antiques.
Exciting stuff.

I'm very much looking forward to having lunch
 tomorrow with close mates.

Three couples take it in turns 
to cook a Sunday Lunch.
We do one each a year.

Allie, my wonderful Arundel chum 
 who I always mention, 
and her lovely husband Adrian and..

Julie and Rudi, 
who were the last to host
 and he, 
being an Italian chef..its always wonderful, of course.
They forage for ingredients 
such as wild mushrooms and special sea vegetables.
(I shall just be going to Chichester market!)

We always go to the nearby beach after lunch,
well some of us...........

and last time ended up in the park on 
grown up things to play on, we laughed still we ached.

By the way,
Julie and Rudi
also have an antiques warehouse you 
might like to check out their site


Have a wonderful day.