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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Finished the end of year books HOOORAY!!
I drive down to Emsworth just outside Chichester in West Sussex, to deliver them to the accountant.
Its always a massive relief and the treat for the day is usually to go into Emsworth have a wander and a coffee before coming back to Arundel. Today I had to dash back for a customer, so just had a quick brisk walk around Emsworth before heading back. it was a gorgeous sunny, crisp, morning after a rather gloomy start. 

Its such a beautiful place to wander.
Felt almost like stepping back in time, with its lovely old cottages and pubs.
Couldn't help feeling it must have been a great place for smugglers in the past

Its very much a sailing fraternity...with small boats in every conceivable corner

Gorgeous hey?

Oh well that was my little bit of heaven for one day.

On with sorting out a black fish chest of drawers for a London shop and 
I suppose I REALLY do need to start thinking about Christmas.

Hope you are having a great day