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Monday, 5 December 2011

Nass Interiors and mysterious goings on by Arundel Bridge

Nass is now working on his own.
An amicable separation,
and he is now



He is always available to arrange antique pick ups and deliveries,
fair set ups and break downs etc
just as before,
and for US customers he would be more
than interested to act as a courier when you are buying.
Who knows?
He might even be able to introduce you to some new haunts.
you can contact him on


He and I are particularly excited as, we will be able to do more fairs together
and we will buying a more varied selection of antique and decorative keep an eye on

in the coming months,which will include all the

Nass Interiors

stock also.

We have had an interesting year so far and its not quite over yet.
 The fish chests of drawers
particularly seem to be doing really well
 and for all the people who have taken the plunge and bought one
( no pun intended)
thank you all for having such faith in us!

They are doing especially well in the US,
 as are the shell chests
 and Victorian Bamboo,
in places situated near the ocean.

In the UK
  Liberty in Regent Street, London
have started stocking them, which we are thrilled about.

This Saturday is 
Arundel by Candlelight evening
and we will be open.

If any of our local friends can lend a hand for the evening do let me know as.....
I have to work the night at the grown up job
in the residential home
adolescents with the most 
challenging behaviour imaginable!!
 ..cant get it off.....

I know where I would rather be... but I have no,
if any  friend has an hour to spare...please email me

Regular readers of the blog might remember the day
I had seen loads of police divers down by the "new " bridge at Arundel
and there was huge speculation as to what it might be?
A body? .....was one
"Swag" was another!

At last all has been revealed and here's a small snippet from the Chichester Observer

BREAKING NEWS: Unexploded bomb found in Arundel

BOMB disposal experts from the Royal Navy have successfully disarmed a Second World War mortar discovered in the River Arun.
The munition was destroyed by a team of explosives experts during a controlled explosion, downstream of Arundel town centre, at approximately 4.15pm this afternoon (Wednesday, November 30).
No one was injured during the blast and traffic flow along the A27 was unaffected.

So there's the answer...
thought I'd just mention it in case it was giving you sleepless nights..
tee hee

have a great day..