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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Arundel a few pictures from throughout the year


I was just looking through some of the photos I had taken in Arundel over the last year
and thought someone else out there might be interested to take a look at our year in Arundel.
Of course, the images I have only scratch the surface.
There is an Arundel Facebook site for anyone who wants to take a close look at the town.
They probably have one of the biggest collections of Arundel old and new images you will ever find.
It's absolutely fascinating and you will lose all sense of time!

People who will particularly love it are Arundel residents past and present.

Anyway, for now, to whet the appetite,  here are a few of my humble images.

(this was Arundel's first.)

                                                                            ARUNDEL FESTIVAL AUGUST 2011

interesting way to window shop!

local artist recording the scene


                                                                               THE WAITERS RACE  
                                                                              ARUNDEL HIGH STREET

this was great fun to watch


and the last shall be was all about how much was left in the glass as much as how fast you ran

throughout the year I take regular photos to put in the Arundel Diary,
capturing the town through all seasons.
This was November, believe it or not.... a really bright and sunny day.

I took  shop in Tarrant Street for the Arundel Festival and hope to
do the same this year if the shop hasn't sold by then

on a business level, the Arundel Eccentrics chests of drawers drew
a fair bit of attention from major  interiors magazines and stores

its the black and fish which seems the most popular.

If you love Arundel
Watch this space throughout the year  and I'll do my best to record any major events in the town.
Sadly, I cannot always be there, as I am still working nights as well.

I am dearly hoping 2012 will see me finishing my takes its toll on the health,

and my good humour
 I can tell you.

Anyway, a very
Happy 2012
to everyone

Have a great Day