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Thursday, 5 January 2012

January 5th

Wow what a wild morning.
Driving back from my night duty I was glad I had a little instant camera in the car.

This was down at Pulborough and for anyone not knowing the area... 
that's not a river you're seeing it's flooded fields.
 I had a reasonable night duty...bit fed up with verbal abuse...
I guess I am just not a very confrontational or argumentative person and it comes hard to me..
but I am now on a shift pattern of only 2 nights at a time and not 4......HURRRAH. I am sure I can keep my cool for just 2 nights!...... 

So..on with the chests of drawers and Victorian Bamboo, now I have 6 nights off.
Nass and I will be doing more antique fairs later in the year.
So expect to see us at Ardingly and the occasional Newark fair.

For any regular customers to the warehouse I'm afraid we wont be open now on Saturdays.

I have asked about using the little shop in Tarrant Street in Arundel again for the festival...
so if I don't find my own shop before then..
and the shop there hasn't sold...that's where we will be in August.

Life is very unpredictable n'est pas?

Have a lovely day and stay safe in these high winds.