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Friday, 20 January 2012

chest of drawers, gloomy days, working with great people

 I'm working on a massive chest of drawers at the moment,
it's going to be gorgeous, due to its size and fabulous claw feet.
It's a hell of a weight to move around on my own, so turning it to get at every angle is quite a feat.
 I will start all the varnishing tomorrow when I am finished with my night duties.

 I found this old label in one of the drawers...

 Just finished my night duty and had a little stroll down the garden, where everything is looking soOooo bleak.

These vintage containers are due to be painted and decorated with decoupage.
Probably black and fish as I can not get enough of those done.

 Some of the statues we leave in the garden to grow a bit more moss and stuff,
ready to put in the shop in the Spring.

 bleak and barren!

 French cafe table
 Its a real grey day out there.
I shall be putting my blanket on and climbing into bed very soon.

 Here is my Summer House studio, right down by the river.
Our gorgeous antique swan.

Some of the Victorian bamboo I am working on.

I'll give it all a coat of varnish before it's bed for the day.

I work nights in a residential home for adolescents and sadly, cannot talk about it due to confidentiality.
BUT, all I can say is, that in spite of, or maybe because of, the fact it can be highly stressful at times,
I work with some great people who have the most wonderful sense of humour and great sense of pride in what they do.

Believe me, you need the humour, and the more warped the better, at times.

You also need to have people who you can count on, to be there beside you when the going gets tough.
They are a great bunch, who I feel privileged to have met, and although occasionally at 3 in the morning I wonder how the hell I came to be there doing what I do, that which I cant discuss.......
Mostly, I am glad I am....mostly, but not always!

So thanks to  you guys......I love y'all dearly.

Having said that......

One more night and then I am off....tee heee
Our black cat chalk board has the right idea.

Have a great day,
whatever you are doing.