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Friday, 10 February 2012

Ardingly Antique Fair....come and visit


We will be on stand
"Shopping Arcade 69"

If the weather is good , we will stay the night.

In which case,
 it's quite probable we will have 
a wee bottle of wine there somewhere

This is a date for the diary for anyone who loves 
antiques or vintage or junk or just plain rummaging.

If you are an old hand, read no further.
You will think it's like teaching your own grandmother to suck eggs.
Where the dickens did that phrase first come from??

But if you've never been before, you might find it useful.

Ardingly is over near
Haywards Heath in Sussex.
The Antique Fair is on every 2 months.

The first day is trade day.
That's not to say it excludes everyone else.
I always thought you had to prove you are trade....not so.
It IS £20 on the first day, but that also covers day 2.

Don't be tempted to save yourself a few quid by going on the second day alone.

You might be sadly disappointed as many 
of the stall holders leave after the first day.
Also, much of the best stuff will have gone. 

That's not to say you wont get some amazing finds and bargains.
I once bought the most beautiful iron, 
19th century bed on the second day, 
when everyone  had packed up.
It was the last thing to go, on the last van leaving.

The stall holder was working out how to fit it in
 and it was easier for 
him to flog it to me 
for £20,
 than to squeeze it on the  already bulging van.

YAAAY I was an exceedingly happy person

It just depends what you are looking for.
But you will have more choice on the Tuesday, 
and if you have the time you can return on Wednesday with the same ticket.

 It's worth taking your camera if you love quirky shots.

It's also worth taking some munch and a flask if you 
don't want to be paying out all day at the food stands.

If the weather looks a bit dodgy, 
you might want to put wellies and waterproof in 
the car as it can get pretty blustery up there.

Apart from all that you should have the most wonderful day!  

I've just spotted a bamboo cabinet....on the right, by that man could I have missed that, I wonder!
Normally, I can sniff them out a mile away

 You will find people selling from all over the place.

France, Belgium, Germany

going home with all their purchases

Come and say "Hello" if you make it.
Meanwhile..have a great day
Before I start on another bamboo table or chest of drawers,
I will go for my power walk.
Taking the camera, as it's snowed and looks beautiful out.
Desperately trying to lose some weight for the
wedding of the year in Virginia.
My son, Jay and his lovely Krista
will be tying the knot.

The wedding will be having a vintage feel to it.
So, if anyone knows of a great, not too expensive,
place to buy vintage or vintage looking clothes
Maybe in London?
Please, please let me know.
Email me if you would.

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