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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

ARUNDEL ...A walk through the park on a cold morning

The day dawned with a crisp cold air and the sun beaming down from the perfect blue sky.
Get those walking boots on Brennie and get out that door!

Along Mill Road in Arundel
towards Swanbourne Lake

glimpsed my house through the trees...ha ha
mental note to self...must get the windows cleaned
the swans thought I had some grub
they all turned away dejected when they realised I didnt have a crumb

into Swanbourne lake

and up into the hills

the scenery is stunning

what an absolute bonus ...John Dunlop's race horses out on their morning ride

Hiorne Tower...almost home
horses returning

down the hill via Park Place
over the river and home
in the door to spy all the work I should have been finishing........
so get the coffee on and pick up that paintbrush

look out for these in Liberty in London...they are now buying from us
my gorgeous son's save the date wedding card on the mat....all in all..a lovely jubbly morning

hope you are having a great day also
here's a link to all the pictures of the park