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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Walks to "Feed the Soul" & a funny 'Ello 'Ello Story

How's life with you?

Seems busy this end, at the moment.
I am back working nights with the 
"adolescents with challenging behaviour" 
tonight, but  I suppose I shouldn't complain,
I've had a good week since finishing my last shifts.

My house is filling up with more chests of drawers and 
copious amounts of 
Victorian Bamboo tables, 
preparing for 
Ardingly antiques fair,
 next week.

I had a friend come and help me yesterday and he was busy 
doing the bits I am rubbish at, like boarding out the tables.
He was that determined to finish the job and ended up working, 
in the murky darkness under an exceedingly dim outside light, 
down by the summer house.

Actually, when Nass arrived home and 
my lovely friend and neighbour Bridge came to help him with his books,
we celebrated the day by trying out some of the 
white wine and cheeses Nass had brought back from his trip to Toulouse last week.
 No, really, you have to celebrate a good day, somehow!

Then our other dear chums and neighbours.
 the other side arrived home, after being in her native Austria skiing.
They wandered in with huge cups of coffee, declining any wine, I hasten to add.
I have my suspicions, however, it wasn't JUST caffeine in those cups.

So, all in all, the day ended in laughter and a sea  of wine and French cheeses.

The funniest story of the night?

Nass's trip to  Toulouse was with an very eccentric
 antique dealer he regularly does work for.

So, they were in the van almost 3 days together.
Nass said by the end they were almost killing each other, 
but he was taken to some wonderful, wonderful antique places, 
such as the beautiful chateau stuffed full of antiques, 
that were way, way, out of our league.
Interesting to see though.

By the time they got back on the ferry though, 
Nass was relieved to be on his way home.

Neither of them speak much French and Nass said by the end 
he couldn't seem to help himself speak English but with an 
appalling "Ello, Ello" accent,
as though, subconsciously, he thought the French would understand him any better.

At the bar, Nass being a smoker, went to get some cigarettes, 
 cheaper on the boat, 
at the bar.
More expensive in duty free. really have to read all speech in an appalling, 
exaggerated, French accent.

Nass:   " Bonjour Monsieur, pleeeze can I av  5 packs 
of 20 Benson and edges"

 Grumpy Barman: " Oh non monsieur you are only 
allowed one packet per personne.

Nass: thinks for a minute.
" Oh well monsieur, wot eef you do not recognaz me?"

The grumpy barman, paused for a second before the euro dropped.
" Oh monsieur Ah see wot you are saying"

five minutes later Nass appeared at another side of the small bar.
" Bonjeur Monsieur"

The not so grumpy barman.
" Oh monsieur , 
Ah do not believe we ave met. 
Ah hope you are aving a good trip.    
ow can I elp you?"

Nass: "Twenty Benson and Edges pleeze monsieur."

The now Chuckling barman
"Certainly sir"

" Pardon Monsieur, 20 Benson and Edges"

The laughing Barman  with an over exaggeration jump in the air.
" Alors, pardon monsieur, ah did not see you there"

This apparently continued throughout the entire trip, Nass popping up all over the bar and with the barman laughing eeez little French socks off by the end.

My have to love him.
He manages to make friends where ever he goes. 

I had the most glorious walk on Sunday.
Set the 
" Map my Walk"
 and set off early morning,
 over the hills, on a what was a 
beautiful Spring like day.

It was almost 8 miles, and I ran into a 
few people I knew en route.

I wont chat on, but rather let 
the photographs speak for themselves.



Swanbourne Lake

steep climb puff puff

nearly at the top
 Right at the top I came across a friend who was running,
 and together we looked down at the magnificent views.
She sighed and said
" This place feeds my soul"

I could see what she meant
You can see the outline of the town..the cathedral to the right and the castle to the left

just beautiful

this is the road that runs through the park, down towards the castle and cathedral
and was the original London road. Queen Victoria used to travel down here on her jaunts to Arundel

Hiorne Tower

Swanbourne lake....hasn't change much in a 100 years

It was a walk to set me up mentally  for the day and the week ahead.

I came home and spent the afternoon cleaning bamboo tables in the garden, 
to make the most of the sun.

Grey day today.
Suits my mood going back on nights!

Hope you are having a wonderful day.