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Friday, 9 March 2012

Nass Interiors

Nass has set up on his, no, he hasn't left me... 

( business wise, I mean) 
He has started his own company 


He was sad to leave the 

Harmony Trading 

name behind, after three years
 of publicising it and building it up with his partner Steve. 

He hasn't taken early retirement..
or cut down to spend time with his wifey......
ha ha we'd end up killing each other!..

He is working as hard as ever and 
if anyone needs antique pieces moved, 
please do let him know. 

Welcome to our mate Russell Dean who is 
Nass's sidekick and bearing up well 
under the strain of the verbal daily abuse. 
If you want antiques moved you can contact Nass on

or by email

If you'd like to see what we have, our website is

and we can be visited by appointment,
or by chance Monday to Friday 10-5

The website needs updating as I have been too busy with decorating furniture and there has been no time to upload the do let me know if you 
want more details of current stock.

I am having a little re-union this weekend.
Friends I trained as a nurse with many moons ago.
We were all 18 years old when we stepped into 
The Royal Alexandra Hospital 
in Brighton..

Val lives in the French Alps and has been 
staying here in Arundel for a few days.

I took her on my favourite walk yesterday 
so she could see our scenery was pretty spectacular too.

Click here

for the map

we sat up here looking across at South Stoke and Amberley

Today we will trundle over to Eastbourne 
to stay with Chrissie and Julie is also coming over from France.

We've met up in Paris,in the past
 and Barcelona,
Nice again
hmmmmm Eastbourne doesn't have quite the same ring...
but it will be great fun.

Hope you have a great day
whatever you are doing