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Friday, 23 March 2012

Nass Interiors, Petworth Antiques, The Vinery Antiques, and Arundel roadworks cause mayhem

We've had some lovely Spring days, here in Arundel, over the past week.
The weather is getting a little warmer by the day, and lighter in the evenings.

The roadworks on the A27, just outside of the town, have been a massive
 source of irritation to traders and hence, have received huge press coverage.

Shopkeepers are losing trade, as the volume of people 
  coming into town has dropped considerately. 

It doesn't make a great deal of difference to our warehouse, 
we are pretty much off the beaten track anyway, and if 
someone has come a distance to see us, they aren't
 going to be put off by an extra half hour in traffic.

I DID sit in it myself yesterday.
Went to collect someone from the Vinery,

 just outside of Arundel.

By the way, if you are interested in antiques
you might want to check this out, 
even some  locals are unaware of it.

On the outskirts of Arundel in a small village called Poling
is, what was many years ago, a mushroom farm.
It has since been converted and in the long tunnels
that once housed mushrooms,
there are now flourishing businesses,
 selling antiques.  

I went the long way round
via Ford and Angmering,
 it took around 20 minutes.
Once I picked up, I thought we should go for it
and nothing could be that bad.

OMG.... the irritation.

We sat in the line for over half an hour and as we went 
through the source of it all, 
there were copious numbers of trucks 
and paraphernalia and only one man could be seen.
That would be the guy, sitting, turning the traffic lights on and off.
If we all weren't so fed up it would have been intensely comical! 

Nass had some work up in Petworth yesterday 
and after I caught up with him,
 I had a little wander around.
If you are looking for antiques,and, or,
 impressive interiors shops, its a wonderful town to check out.

One word of caution, however,
dont go on a Sunday.
You will find it like a ghost town,
 as most places appear to be closed.

Also worth a look is this great new shop.

A bit tres cher, but delightful to browse.

wonderful old brickwork

Nass is very busy with his new business,

He was a co- founder of Harmony Trading, 
and after three years
 decided to go it alone.

Nass is enjoying working , either alone,
 or with his
 new sidekick, Russell, 
who appears to tolerate huge amounts
 of verbal abuse during stressful moments.

They occasionally have to transport
some extremely large, 
heavy pieces,
 that they  
 need to carry
through some very tight gaps,
in busy antique shops.
I think it might get a bit hair raising at times.

Nass and Russel travel
all over the place picking up and 
delivering for the antique trade.

If you are trade and need anything moved,
here is Nass Interiors email address:

Had a cuppa with a friend last week
and saw her new house for the first time.
Dreadful  of me, as she's been there about 2 years!

Spotted this gorgeous, gorgeous, chandelier.
I just LOVE looking at other peoples houses, don't you?

I took this by chance on my phone the other day.
The river and bridge at Arundel had such a fabulous, serene, light.

This past week  I've only managed a few walks 
and not as far as I had hoped to do
 as I am busy completing an order
 for some US trade customers
 and I am back on nights tonight.

Groan, groan,
(all the verbal abuse can be a little wearing at times.)

My app tracking my walks went a bit haywire and told
everyone on Facebook I had just walked 112 miles.


I only did 3, but don't tell anyone.

It was so peaceful on one walk, around the back of Swanbourne Lake.
You could hear a pin drop.

graffiti on an old shed....Swanbourne Lake

One last thing....advice please..........

a lovely friend gave me some money to buy myself an I pad.
As I haven't had any spare cash I only dreamed of having one.

Now  I have the money I need to make the decision

...I  have a computer someone built for me that keeps crashing
so I go barmy every time I turn the wretched thing on.

I have a laptop, now quite old.

Do I NEED an Ipad...would I be better updating my laptop???

If you have any thoughts on the subject please do let me know.

Do you absolutely lurve your Ipad or tablet?
Can't possibly live without it?

My son Jay has a new website.
he is a menswear designer and lives on Laguna in California.
Lucky thing.


Jay is a very clever guy.
 He went to the US originally,
 to work with 
Ecko Unltd in NYC.

He ended up doing so well  
met Krista his wife to be,
and  stayed.

Here's is the link to his site


have a wonderful, sunny day,
whatever you are doing.