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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunny Days and hectic night duties, English Post boxes to Virginian Weddings

What gorgeous weather we are having.

I've been working on furniture all week,
( mostly out in the sunshine)
 as I just keep selling these bonkers chests of drawers.

That's great news and I am absolutely thrilled, 
I haven't even had time for the 
lovely walks I was doing almost

I go back on nights hoo
I know what I would rather be doing, but needs must.

I am all for helping in the community,
but it just gets a little wearing sometimes,
all that constant verbal abuse that
adolescents with challenging behaviour can hurl.

Makes my furniture restoring feel like heaven.....

out in the garden working on furniture

my trusty assistant Bella

my trusty assistant Bella..on her break

Nearly the end of another month,
where is the year going??

We will be at Ardingly Antique Fair
24th and 25th April

If you are coming through Lindfield village
to Ardingly, by the way,
do check out a pretty little interiors shop 
on the left as you drive through  the village.

You come past the pond, and just a little up the hill.
It's gorgeous, all pale colours and lovely linens and furniture.

Back to Ardingly
If you have never been its well worth a day out.

First day is better.

Yes, its more expensive, but you 
really do get what you pay for.

The second day is half price.

Half the stallholders,
half the amount of goodies to buy,
half the time to buy it in,
 as the remaining 
stall holders pack up very often by lunchtime,
............makes only half the fun.

Anyway, so saying, I need to press on.
We are getting things ready to take and time is flying along.

Oh, by the way.
Look what Nass found on a trip up north delivering for a client.

Our Jay and Krista 
desperately wanted an
English post box
at their Virginian wedding later this year.
They want it for all the guests to put 
cards in and after they can use it 
for their home in the Laguna Hills.

We NEVER thought we would find one,
and Nass was in an antique centre in Newark,
et voila,
there it was.
He tried all tactics to reduce the price.

" My son is all alone over in the US"
" My son is so lonely and cant stop thinking of England"
Bla Bla Bla

All of it tosh and they weren't taken in.
They did, however reduce it slightly, 
for his cheek and sheer imagination
Well done Nass.

Have a lovely sunny day.
Whatever you are doing.