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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Damp gloomy Arundel..still beautiful though

Arundel High Street

Arundel Castle

What a miserable, bleak day here in Arundel today.
I have to say it quite matched my mood.

I haven't been out walking for a while,
stuff has been happening in my life, that made 
me want to just close the doors on the world.

Today though, I thought I must just start my regular daily walks and went down to Swanbourne Lake  and up into the hills.

there were nests and new babies everywhere, in the most bizarre places

Mill Road was damp and there were puddles all over the place

Swanbourne Lake was quiet apart from the wildlife

a few damp joggers

photos were kept to black and white to match the mood of the place

everyone I met had an umbrella and mostly wore wellies....
the kids though, dived into the puddles ruining their trainers

wet and muddy ground

the gallops in the park where John Dunlop's racehorses often run

Arundel park

small signs of Spring

What a gloomy, gloomy day, but it was so wonderful 
to get out and feel the wind and rain on my face 
and walk into the hills. 

I would have gone even further up
 onto the downs but a helicopter was circling  
and often that means a prisoner has escaped 
from Ford Prison along the road.  

Yes,Yes, I know in my heart they are pretty harmless,
but the way my month has just gone,
I felt I could encounter Magwitch himself up in those hills.

I took the quick route back
and we had dinner with a close friend.

So, a lovely end to the day.

Hope your day is going well and there are no
 Magwitches in your life at the moment.