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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Decoupage chests of drawers,Ardingly Antique fair, Yearnings for NYC

How's life with you?

I've had a wee bit of a stressful week, but a great day today.

 Been working on a new slant to my decoupage on chests of drawers and I am halfway there.

It's taken many hours of a cuttin and a stickin...but I'm pleased with it so far.

As I haven't managed to even get out
of the door  this week,
for one reason or another,
I  missed walking locally.

So, instead,
 I took a short meander through some of my walks,
in my photos.

Along Arundel river bank is such a beautiful walk

Have a little stroll along with me

Arundel really is gorgeous isn't it?

I was  reading some of the links to my favourite blogs this morning.
Enjoying the early morning sunshine coming through the bedroom window,
 drinking coffee and sitting
with Bella, my little old cat.

(Oh and my wonderful new IPad,
that a friend generously gave me the money to buy.
Some people are amazing hey?)

Bless her, Bella the cat is now blind and wants to be really near us, all the time.

I wake up in the night to find her face right up against mine.
Makes me jump sometimes.

Anyway, back to the blogs.
You might want to check some of them out.

Just click on the links alongside and you will be taken to all sorts of places.

I enjoyed the New York visit with Paul Murray, 
and SOOO want to return there myself.

 Jay was working for Ecko Unltd.  in NYC
when he first went to the US and
I stayed with him for a while in his tiny apartment.

( Here is what he is up to these days.
Now living in California)

Jay, menswear designer

Tell you what, I was flat broke and had to borrow the money to get there.
It takes all the stress out of being in the Big Apple and the supposed
 pressure of you have to shop til you drop!

I had the most wonderful time.
Jay bought me sandwich stuff each day, bless him, 
and I made packed lunches and just headed off early morning.
(Well, not too early!)

Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn........
Central Park, 
where I just sat and watched the world skate, run, power walk by.

No shopping bags to was bliss.

Oh! how I would love to return,
which we hope to later in the year when 
Jay and Krista marry in Virginia.

It will never be the same, though, 
as those first precious days of exploring and experiencing 
NYC for the very first time.

Jay and I in
" Tea and Sympathy" in NYC
The most wonderful English place run by Manchurians.

I was  once able to book an entire surprise birthday meal for Jay here,
from Arundel, all online and phone.
Booked the table...
They cooked him an entire roast dinner, made a birthday cake and
 went in with it in a dramatic birthday way,
but apologised, saying they would draw the line at singing!

If you are ever in NY you might want to check it out,
if you can get through the queues at the door.

Its incredibly popular with tourists, ex-pats and NY locals.

In the West Village at
108 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10011

between 12th & 13th Street
opposite the entrance to
Jane Street

We are open:
Mon - Fri from 11.30am - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun from 9.30am - 10.30pm

The store, Carry on Tea & Sympathy
Daily from 11.00am - 10.30pm 

It was in New York I first met the  now almost Mrs. Jay Borley

Before I went, I made myself some small brochures, printed them off 
and then trawled around some of the NY antique stores, 
introducing myself and showing them what I did.

Bit scary, but I received a good response.

Ellis Island was an incredible, emotional place to visit and hear
of the thousands of immigrants who came through its doors,
to make their new life in the US

Anyway, enough of my  mental meanderings,

I have a huge pile of bamboo furniture awaiting decoupage.

Just over a week and we will be at Ardingly Antiques fair.

Come and see us if you are over there.