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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Decoupage on 19th century chests,pride in our gorgeous son,paint workshops and the Lacquer Chest in London

 Good Morning from Arundel in Sussex.

A glorious, glorious day again.
The weather being so brilliant, means paint dries a lot faster and I am managing to get some of the chests of drawers I've been looking at for weeks, finally finished.

We've been trying out some new ideas and they seemed to have met with approval at the last Ardingly.

This blue is our own colour.
Its called Arundel Eccentrics Ardingly Blue.
Why Ardingly blue? 
Because every item I painted in it, 
walked off our stand at the last Ardingly.

 This little chest of drawers is 19th century, 1872 to be precise, 
and came out of Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, 
you know, the house where Queenie used to stay.
That'll be Victoria. 
There is a date on the back, though I cannot guarantee she kept her own drawers in the drawers. ha 

They will be on our website later today, 
for anyone who might be interested.

I see we have several of our USA cousins looking at the blog.

For anyone who might want to know, we can organise shipping, although it's a bit costly on individual items, but it can be done.

Oh that reminds me ....Congratulations to our son Jay

He now has permanent residency in the US.

Just as well, really,ha ha, 
as he will be marrying the 
lovely Krista later in the year.

I just love these pictures of them, 
they were engagement photos taken by 
Amanda Hoyle and Merissa Hill,

who will be taking the wedding pictures also.
They look like a Vogue Fashion shoot. 
Absolutely stunning.

Jay is a successful menswear designer and now 
lives in the Laguna Hills in California.
He's come a very long way, by sheer determination and hard graft.
We are so very proud of him.

some of Jays work in a Japanese fashion magazine.

We are getting a good amount of interest 
in our paint furniture workshops.

If anyone wants to spend a couple of days in glorious Arundel,
we can mould the days around what you would like to learn, and also help sort out bed a breakfast.

We have some beautiful houses in Arundel 
that offer an extremely high standard
of b&b.

Recently, Nass & I spent a day in London, 
and I was at last able to see the shop of a friend.

It is absolutely AMAZING. 

The family have had the business for many years 
and the grandparents originally owned it.

The Lacquer Chest these days also offer a hire service 
and their pieces end up in films and TV,
fashion shoots,
you will even see credits in
Jamie Oliver cook books.

Here's the link to their website and I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
Prepare to be amazed!

For once in my life I was speechless...ha ha

Have a lovely day
whatever you are up to.