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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Petworth near Arundel, antiques and interiors..exhausting course for work and the work mates you grow to rely on.

Good Morning

I had to go on a course with my grown up job yesterday.
I work nights with 
"Adolescents with Challenging Behaviour".

Actually, some of the staff have challenging behaviour too...Nah only joking you guys!

They are a wonderful bunch. would have to be.... to survive the job.

Once a year, we have to do a course to keep ourselves and our charges safe during those aforementioned challenging times.

More than that I can't really say... confidentiality an' all that....suffice it to say it can get pretty stressful at times.

The course itself is all very physical.
Wow I was exhausted when I got home, I had to have at least 2 glasses of wine. tee hee.

I thought it was just me, but a few text or emailed and everyone was shot to pieces.

It was a great day though guys and I will miss you all terribly when I am hugely successful with my furniture and am forced to give up the nights by my busy work schedule. ha ha

Joking aside, I really will.
There's a certain camaraderie, you only get in a job where you rely on your work mates so heavily for physical and emotional back up.

blimey chaps,
 you'll have
 me weeping into my coffee and cornflakes in a minute. 

Petworth & Antiques

If you love looking at antiques and interiors take a little trip up to Petworth in Sussex.

You will drive through the most beautiful scenery and rolling downs,
 whichever route you travel.

Should you be trade,you will probably already know about it, but if you are a new visitor to the UK and maybe on one of your early trade buying trips, it might be a secret you are thrilled to hear.

Because there are so many 
antique and interiors shops in one small, beautiful, historical, town.
(Petworth tourist board should be paying me ..ha ha)

Lovely, quirky, little places for a spot of lunch.

Actually, I wouldn't ramble on about it, if I didn't love going there myself.

Here's an interesting little antique

 shop and a bit about the owner.

John Bird Antiques

The business was founded in the early 70's and is a well established source for dealers and decorators in the UK, USA and abroad. Our wealth of experience and knowledge helps us to find a wide selection of classic and unusual items with an emphasis on good colour and form that sit comfortably in both period and contemporary interiors.

We exhibit at the Decorative Antique and Textile Fair at Battersea Park, London and the Bath Decorative Fair, Bath (UK).

John Bird has acted as a furniture vetter on various antique fair vetting committees, including the Decorative Antique and Textile Fair, Penman Fairs and the Fine Art and Antique Fair at Olympia (London).

We have a wide range of contacts, so are happy to help source antiques and unusual objects to suit your requirements. We can be contacted by e-mail ( or by telephone 01798 343250 or mobile 07970 683949

Its a gorgeous shop in a stunning period building

John Bird Antiques
The Clubroom
The High Street
PETWORTH West Sussex
GU28 0AU

Tel 01798 343250
Mobile 07970 683949 or 07771 643300 or text 07802 723078 if abroad

Member of Petworth Arts and Antiques Dealers Association

Here's the website link

I must get going.
Have a busy day today as I am doing a few bits of painting for a friend.

She is moving her shop Sorbet, 
very soon into much larger premises in 
Tarrant Street.

She has some gorgeous handbags and I cant wait to see what she will be doing with the new shop which is HUGE.

It's down Tarrant Street, 
opposite Ninevah House the old church 
which houses antique and quirky shops. 
Housed me about 11 years ago.

I'll see if I can get a sneak
 at her diary to see her opening date.

Only joking Linda.
Good Luck with it all.
Its going to look fabulous.

By the way,
House and Garden Magazine 
have a supplement this month.

I must dash out and buy it, a friend text me last night, to tell me.

All I will say, is there is a chest of drawers in there from Liberty in London.
One of the above.

Yaaaayyyyy marvellous.

We also have some 19th century bamboo tables in September 
House and Garden under our own name.