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Friday, 27 July 2012

Festival Fundraiser at The Red Lion Pub

A very Good Morning from Arundel


 There was a huge fundraiser for the 
Arundel Festival
last night.

The garden behind the pub was packed with jovial locals,
 who turned out in force,
to raise money for the festival.

This poor guy was desperately trying to push the proceedings along,
his pleas often falling on deaf ears,
as the chatting and laughing
reached quite a crescendo.

It was  great catching up with local friends,
whom, surprisingly in such a small town,
you can go months without running into.

 there was the most gorgeous buffet.............

 and an auction

this guy had come along to promote the mediaeval jousting in the castle.

 the auction had many contributions from local businesses

the auctioneer was from Sothebys.....ooops, apologies,
 I cant remember his name.
I can only assume by the time he appeared,
I, and a few more of the gathering
 had consumed more
 than the daily, medically advised, allowance.LOL

In the middle of the auction,
I happened to say to someone 
that if my lovely Nass were here
he might bid to push up the money,
as it was a charitable event.

Seconds after I said it
he called me on my mobile
all the way from Iran.

" Don't you dare buy anything at the auction"

Any thoughts of bidding
for those golf days, for him,
went right out of my head.

This is Bill
the lovely guy I studied photography with
at Northbrook College,
in Worthing
many years ago.

I was a mature student
THEN.ha ha
Bill  takes the most amazing 
photographs and specialises
in landscapes.

You might want to check out his website.

in some cases, the whole family were there

There was also a band playing inside the bar.

another couple of mediaeval jousters...

Yes, it was a great evening.
Next stop, the
Arundel Festival itself, at the end of August.

While on the subject of pubs.
have a look at some of the other wonderful 
hostelries in the town.
We are fairly well endowed,
although very many less than there were.

I have a feeling the
Kings Arms is the oldest of the surviving pubs.

There is a great book that tells you all about them all,
as Arundel was a port in Victorian times,
the town was heaving with

Cannot for the life of me,
remember the name,
and I have the book somewhere.

I suspect this might have something to do with
exceeding the medically approved limit.LOL

 Oh well, meanwhile, check out this site

Can't sit here chatting all morning,
lets get down to the studio and on with the work.

Today, we are working on
vintage watering cans
and bowls.

with just a few things to finish off on the old bamboo

and a rather cute little Victorian table

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