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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sunny Arundel days, English Victorian Bamboo and Beautiful Riverside walks

Hello from Arundel.

Sunny, Sunny Arundel ,
at very long last.

Yes, Summer has at last arrived in Sussex.
Lets just hope it lasts.

I spent yesterday finishing a 
large order for the shippers to collect.

Some of the day was spent 
backwards and forwards to our showroom/ warehouse
at the other end of Fitzalan Road.

Most of the time I managed to stay
 in the sun in the back garden.

All the Bamboo was lined up in my tiny lounge awaiting the  pick up...
but alas they wont make it today...back in Arundel, tomorrow

The English bamboo furniture is 19th century.

The well-to-do Victorians,
 were hooked on it,
 as they were on all things Eastern.

All those shabby bamboo tables you 
see in granny's loft & car boot sales, 
were actually made in around 1860.
mostly they were covered in rattan or lacquer

Here is a link to a fascinating site, 
that lists most of the factories
 that were
making these pieces.
Its also an incredibly informative site.

(If 19th century bamboo is something
 you are interested in,
make yourself a cup of tea 
before you sit down to read it.
You will see why.)

Many factories were in London, 
but they were scattered
all over the country.

many pieces had lacquer work on the surfaces.

It's not easy these days, to find
 items of bamboo, in great condition.
They were made as everyday 
pieces of furniture,
so they haven't done badly 
to survive at all
 for over 150 years.

If I can leave them in
 their original state,
as much as possible,
I do.

Mostly, though, they are beyond that.

I love the fact I am working on an item
 destined for the rubbish tip,
  and that after several hours of
 cleaning, polishing the bamboo,
taking off the old ripped rattan,
(complete with 150 years of dust)
....Cough cough.....
and resurfacing. 
painting before decorating
with decoupage,
there is a much more 
beautiful item of furniture,
going out of the door 
than the one that came in.
 Hopefully, it will last
another 150 years.

Certainly, many of these pieces of furniture, 
end up gracing some amazingly smart stores
London, Paris, New York......

Most go to the US, 
to start a new life,
 via the antique trade.

Look out for our
Victorian Bamboo in
 interiors magazine.

The September issue of
House & Garden
will feature two of our pieces.
The one that comes out in August
watch out for us..

Oh and also our BBC TV appearance.
Ha Ha 
Fame at last, coming to the Nassarian household.
That will be in Oct/ Nov time.

Victorian bamboo heading off to a new life in the US

Phew...many hours work in this lot...the table and cabinet
 at the back have been first gilded and then decorated with decoupage.

Early evening, I took off for a riverside walk, with the trusty camera.
The idea was a power walk, but too much catches the eye and I had to keep stopping to take photos.

The early evening light made my house look gorgeous...LOL

Swanbourne Lake is so peaceful in the evening with only the residents at home

shadows on the reeds by the River Arun

What a gorgeous evening and what a beautiful place Arundel is.
Actually,Sussex itself is so picturesque.

I passed walkers and people just sitting, maybe with a glass of wine or good old English, Fish and Chips.

Mill Road was deserted for a change.

Have a great day

Have a little sit in the sun if you can, like this little chap. LOL
I found this picture in my memory box the other day.
It is one of my favourites of photos I took in Annecy old town, in France.
We spent many summers there visiting friends over the years.

Anyway, enough of this chatting,
back to the old bamboo.

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