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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Arundel Festival last few days & Dancing in the street, Schooldays & old friends, Arundel Eccentrics on the BBC ( screening date) Petworth Antiques, Bamboo tables and other stuff

How's life?

It's a sunny morning here in Arundel,
Feels a bit like September already though.
Do you remember those cold mornings
going back to school?
You wear your blazer and then
 roast on the bus home
in the afternoon.

Talking of school,
after all these years,
 I still have dinner
 with a small group of friends
 I was at school with

ha ha ..gorgeous the teeth brace

We went to
The Convent of the Blessed Sacrament
also known as
Walpole Lodge,
in Eastern Road in Brighton.
Thats why we look so

We are six and take
it in turns to cook,
so meet every 2 months
 or thereabouts.

 Actually, my chum Allie on the right is a gatecrasher , really,
she wasn't at the school at all
but no-one really minds or appears to notice. ha ha

I can't tell you just how many years we've been doing it,
but suffice it to say, we've been through all sorts together,
talked each other through many of life's dramas and traumas.

Still laugh hysterically together, over trivia after a glass of wine.

Anyway two of the chums came to visit us in the warehouse/showroom yesterday,
as it was the last day of the Arundel Festival.

It's always so nice to catch up with old friends,
that you just pick up the threads with, hey?


Did I mention the BBC came to film us?
Ha Ha
 OK, I know,
Only a thousand times.
But, it's not every day
the BBC come to the
of our little town,
and although our showroom
in a 19th century brewery,
is gorgeous on the inside,
its pretty scruffy from the exterior.

Also, not exactly
salubrious surroundings,
 sitting behind
William Hill,
The Co-op,
and the chippie.
So we were thrilled when they chose us to visit
Anyway, we now have a screening date.
7pm on the 7th September
bbc 2

 The actress Alison Steadman

I am sure we will squirm with embarassment.

We will squirm after everyone else, as we will be in NYC.
However, I am sure we will find plenty to do to
help us cope with the disappointment. LOL

Yaay we are off our Jay's wedding in Virginia.

The Arundel Festival ends

Here are the pictures I took
over the last few days
of the festival.

card "magic" outside the Kings Arms

Music and dancing outside The Eagle

This three piece band were
great fun,
with a fabulous vintage look.

turns out this guy..Joe, I think his name was, is an antique dealer also

This is Carolyn from Vintage @Chi in Chichester.

and here's some her clothes...go and have a look in her shop.
You will also find her on Facebook

they certainly got people up dancing

Then I headed off to go round some of the
exhibitions on the
Gallery Trail. 

Wandering through Tarrant Street.........

Down in to the square in
Arundel High Street.

there seemed to be entertainment on every street corner.

"these boots were made for walking" is what she was singing

Music on the Jubilee Gardens, although I hear after one complaint of noise from the gardens, from just one neighbour,
there were some cancellations of louder acts.
Shame really, as its only one week in the year.
I ran into people who had come a long way to watch a favourite act.

Wonder if its the same people who complained about our signs?
After that,
the local council wrote to us and said they would fine
 us £80 everytime they found one in the town.
Thats Arun District Council ( grrrr)
not our lovely
Arundel Council,
I hasten to add.

One of the exhibitions I was particularly touched by,
as it was so wonderfully free,
was in Tarrant Street
had been done by
a group of young adults
with learning issues.

The group are called

"A social enterprise working with adults ( 16 plus)
with learning difficulties and disabilities
to create job opportunities by focusing on what
individuals can do"

The contact is
Debbie Lyall

Last night,
I attended the gallery trail party,
for the artists and hosts.

In previous years,
I was one of the artists,
but this year
Jenny Lock, the artist, who exhibited with us,
invited me along as her host.

It was great having jenny with us,
we love her art,
but also we love her and her hubby Jim,
they were great company throughout the week.

Jenny Lock's work

Arundel parties are always great fun,
highly entertaining,
and occasionally, 
a tad nerve wracking,
as, like any small town,
 you never quite know
who you are going to run into.
(In these days of second and
occasionally third marriages,
if you catch my drift) 

The fire works marked the end of the festival and as usual
Arundel folk turned out in force,
lining the bridge and riverbanks.

Petworth Antiques

I spent much or yesterday
 in Petworth,
 a great local town
with plenty of
antiques and interiors shops.

I took one of my US trade customers who has become more of a friend,
so we had a great day

Just be warned if you visit,
particularly if you are trade and have
travelled some distance,
on Sunday,
much of Petworth closes.
As it does on
Monday Bank Holidays.

We were lucky that the places
 we wanted to visit,
were either open,
or the owners could be contacted
and as we were
they opened for us.

We had a wonderful lunch in
The Hungry Guest.
Oh and I found the most beautiful
French room spray in a little shop,
next to the Hungry Guest Restaurant.
(It's by Durance
Parfum D'Ambiance Gardenia)


Enough of the chit chat,
I need to press on

With one of our bamboo tables appearing in
House and Garden Magazine,
this month
I have several Victorian Bamboo orders on the go.

Have a great day.