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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Office at The White Hart Pub, Arundel Festival Monday & all the Paint Workshop Details

Good Morning from Arundel
The festival continues and always is a lot more
peaceful throughout the week.
It's a good time to walk the gallery trail.
Quieter,  more time to reflect on the work.
Chat to the artists.
Enjoy the town, without the jostling.

I had some friends visit yesterday who had never been to Arundel.
You see it through new eyes, then.
We wandered around the town and
had some lunch at the
Riverside Cafe.

We were able to listen to the entertainment in Jubilee Gardens at the same time.
I felt as if I were on holiday.

That, and a glass of wine
with Nass & friends
sitting in the garden of
The White Hart Pub,
before coming home.
Have you been in there lately?
For years, the pub looked a little,
shall we say,
down at heel.
Recently taken over by
John and James Puttnam,
( who used to run The Eagle)
& Tim ( with apologies to Tim,
 who Ive known you for years,
but never, have I known his surname)
Anyway, between them
they have done a wonderful job on the pub.
Turned it completely around
and now its quite the place to go.
Alan, their chef, creates
the most wonderful grub.
(Go and have a some
one evening, it's heavenly)
Many of the Arundel locals meet there early evening.
Ha Ha,to the point Nass tells me he's going to
"The Office".
I hear quite a bit of business networking goes on,
but I suspect the attraction is more the beer and  jovial company.

Furniture painting workshops



If this is your first time checking us out,

because you are considering one of our paint courses

here is a little more about

Arundel Eccentrics

Arundel Eccentrics
have been in Arundel
for almost 20 years.

Firstly, as
The Old Brewery Warehouse
and then
Ninevah House, Tarrant Street.

Over the years we have been honing our skills with furniture painting and decoration,
and,as well as having many regular
USA antique trade customers,
we also supply shops in the UK such as
Liberty in London.

Throughout the States,
our pieces are to be found in
NYC, Texas, Florida, Carolina,California......
They are more travelled than we are.

Our work has featured in many
interiors magazines,
House and Garden

Homes and Gardens,
BBC Homes and Antiques
in the UK
Architectural Digest
in the US.

and more recently we were filmed
by the BBC
for Antiques Celebrity Roadtrip

with Alison Steadman, the actress

If you would like to learn how to
paint & distress,
wax and age,
crackle and craquelure
& gild

make an old piece of furniture you
found lying unloved,
looking seriously
destined for the rubbish tip,
into, at the most, a work of art
& treasured heirloom
at the very least
very much more beautiful than it did.

At the same time, enjoying
the tranquillity
of our
Riverside Studio
in the beautiful,
country town of Arundel,
you will be learning in small classes,
with refreshments including
a vegetarian lunch and a glass of wine.

Let us know.

Give us an idea of what you
would like to learn
some dates that would suit you.

We will try our very best
to tailor the day,
or days around you.

If you would like a weekend break,
we can help you find a room
at one of our local
many of which are based in
some of the most
glorious houses in
Arundel's picturesque old town.

9.30 am until 5 pm
£95 per day

The dates for the Autumn are above;

We've done it in a slightly different way.
These are the dates and if you want to come on a workshop,
dive in quick and let us know the date that suit you.
Tell us what course you would like to do.
That will be the allotted course for that day.

We realise every one is busy these days.
It's difficult trying to find time to turn around sometimes.

So, we thought it easier to say when we can do a course.
It doesnt matter to us which one we do, on which day.
BUT it will matter to you, if you short on time,
and trying to fit in a precious day.

Have a great day.


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