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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors

A little bit about us at

Arundel Eccentrics
Nass Interiors

I've just been updating our website,
and it looks as if we don't
 actually have anything.

By the time I 
had taken off
sold items
or marked them as sold,
there didn't seem to be much left.

Why is that?

over the past few months
  a few more trade buyers
 have been finding us,
hidden away in our 
Victorian brewery warehouse.

They appear to be delighted with
 what they find.

As well as doing a great line in
 all sorts of antique and decorative items
 for the home & garden,
we also
work on pieces ourselves.

And that, as they say, is the thing.

We are just keeping about up with demand,
as the items we paint and decorate
are all worked on in our studio,
here in Arundel,
by ourselves.

These English antique
pieces of furniture
such as
Victorian Bamboo
19th century chests of drawers
 take many hours of work.
 Each item we lovingly
restore and decorate by hand

as there just aren't 
enough hours in the day
 and we can only
get some many out there.

Which is a good thing really as it means
the market is by no means flooded
with our unique and inimitable style. 

some of our other pieces

Each piece is very individual.

We may use the same Victorian images,
(for example, the 
fish and shells 
are extremely popular,
particularly with all
 our US customers
by the ocean)

but no two pieces of 
antique furniture
are the same to begin with,
with the quirkiness and patina of age
about them.

So, each item we work on
 leaves us looking
resplendent and totally original
 with its brand new identity
that sits well in
 both traditional or
 contemporary rooms.

So here's a link to past old buddies,
if you are a trade customer,
 you might be interested to take a look.

If you see something you like
email us
phone us
chat to us.

Tell us what you like and 
on what items of furniture...

chests of drawers?
Victorian bamboo?

We can paint any colour
your heart desires.

We can email you images
 of pieces in the rough.
You can pick out what you
 want and we can work on it to order.

Many or our regular clients
 like to work with us in this way.    

have a great day

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