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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas is coming, Thoughts of Spring in Sorrento & Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors latest stock

Good Morning from
Arundel Eccentrics

Will someone please tell me where the time is going?
I stood on the doorstep with the rubbish/trash this morning as the pick up is on Wednesday
and for a split second, ha ha , might have been longer,actually thought,

" Hang on, what day is it?"
Is it Tuesday/ Wednesday?

Oh right, so I had to have a quick glance at my phone to check.
I just cant believe its racing towards Christmas
 and I haven't actually done anything
towards being festive.

Only argued with the lovely husband over the artificial tree
 that I bought a couple years back.
I thought/ think a black tree looks really stylish.
He clearly doesn't.
I suspect it might have its days numbered in our little house.

Talking of Christmas....
Don't forget
Arundel by Candlelight
Saturday 8th December

We are really busy at the moment,
 Nass and Russell with pick ups and deliveries of antiques
 me with  orders,
but also pulling items of stock together for when
 our clients start coming again after Christmas.

Alas, the website is suffering, due to lack of hours
 and I apologise to any customers & friends
 who want to see what we actually have at present.

The warehouse is only open by appointment at the moment,
If you want to visit please call
or email

and here is a little run through of what we have...well, a little of it anyway.................

enough to give you nightmares hey?

Some of my old nursing buddies are planning a few days away in the Spring.

We are thinking of Sorrento, which I know pretty well,
having gone there for our friends 
Julie and Rudi wedding a few years back.

I cant wait to get my camera out there again

The Island of Capri


Julie and Rudi run
Mangan Antiques just outside of Chichester
 and much of their stock is from Italy

I see they are also offering a new service

Mangan brothers Rewiring and Restoration Of Chandeliers

For bespoke lighting to your requirements.  
If you have old chandeliers and lamps that need rewiring we have a fully qualified lighting engineer who can convert pretty much anything at extremely reasonable rates. Call Mangan Brothers lighting on 01243 781326 or mobile 07956619556

Have a great day


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