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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Weddings in Virginia, Arundel Notebooks and The old Bamboo

Good Morning from 
Arundel Eccentrics.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our 
American friends.

We had such a great time in the US for our son's wedding in September,
as I sit in chilly Sussex in November,
it seems  a lifetime away.

The wedding was at
 The Rosemont in

Fabulous, Fabulous venue and I KNOW  I must be just the smallest bit biased,
but it really was the most spectacular wedding I have ever been to.

The bride and groom were both stunning...........
Jay is a menswear designer and designed his own suit...even the cuff-links had a British slant..they were old sixpences
as were the clothes..........
The photographers took the most wonderful photos...stunning
every tiny detail was addressed......
my gorgeous husband

and my gorgeous son
 I love this shot.......Jay and all his handsome grooms men..ha ha they look like Mafioso

Nass and I both gave a speech...ha ha ..he didn't speak for long... said I would talk enough for two...Yep and I did

Jay and I having a the Beatles " In my Life"...
Jay had chosen it for our dance together, but hadn't realised its one of my favourite songs of all time

Nass and our lovely daughter in law...Krista

wonderful day...wonderful week in Virginia
and huge thanks to everyone who made it so spectacular...

That's the in laws......outlaws.......guests.......friends.....photpgraphers........the Rosemont
Uncle Tom Cobbly an all

Oh! we had such a great time.


on with the Bamboo

Back down to earth,
 and I am busy working on
Victorian  bamboo,
and as usual, our little
Victorian house here in Arundel
is jammed packed full of half finished pieces.

English Victorian Bamboo tables
are taking over my house. LOL

They were mostly made in London
around dockside areas in the
late 19th and early 20th century

Have a look at this blog,

if its something that interests you.
Gary knows all about

English Victorian Bamboo.
You can read all there is to know on his blog.

Gary Sharpe

Arundel Notebooks

We are doing well with our
Arundel Notebooks.

I produce them myself.
The photographs are mine and I do the artwork and then get them printed locally

If you happen to like Arundel,
or the English way of life,
you might be interested.

Or they might make a stocking filler for aunty.
They are on the Arundel Eccentrics website.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

You might be interested to have a look at this little video.
Nothing spectacular,
just a few shots of our beautiful countryside
that I took on Sunday afternoon.

Have a wonderful day
and once again
if you are in the US

have a lovely Thanksgiving

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