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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year, Giving up the Night Duty and walking in Arundel on New Years Day

Happy New Year 2013
Arundel Eccentrics

How was yours?
Ours was probably the nicest we have spent in many years.

Having said that, of course I had been working nights
at a residential home for 
"Adolescents with Challenging Behaviour"
for the past 7 years.

As well as running and building up a full time 
antique and interiors business.

So it was all a bit hectic,
and of course, I often had to work
on New Years Eve.

This regularly meant chasing 
around the countryside
at dead of night,
after absconders,
or driving into the middle of London to collect
young people
from various police stations.

Thanks be for "sat navs."

One day, I'll tell you about it,
or maybe write about a fictional residential home,
when I have the time.

I had always thought a TV drama series
 based on such a home
would be amazing.

You would need to have an insight into
why young people end up in care
to appreciate why they act in the way they do.

And that, my friends, 
is why people persevere with a job
such as the one I was doing.

It was wild and abusive,
dangerous and scary at times,
but also rewarding,
and when you see why kids are there
in the first place,
that's when you empathise with them.

I'm glad to be out and concentrating on what I do best.
But I wouldn't have missed it for the world
and I take my hat off to my colleagues,
still there and still in the front line'
and hope that I changed 
one or two young lives in some small way. 

This year I gave up the nights
 to concentrate
 totally on the business
and get my sanity back.
Full time nights isn't too
 good for the body clock. Ha Ha 

Anyway, I digress... 

New Years Eve
we spent, at home, peacefully,
 with two close friends,
dinner, plenty of wine, chat, 
Jools Holland and London fireworks,
and champagne at midnight.

New Years Day in Arundel

Yesterday dawned the most perfect
New Years Day.

Sunny, crisp and clear.
The town was busy,
though most shops were closed,
and that's what was so wonderful about it.

Whole families, were out walking.
Around the town,
along Mill Road in Swanbourne Lake 
and up through Arundel Park.

Mill Road has been flooded for days.

Walkers were everywhere enjoying the bright afternoon sunshine.

Arundel's new museum building is coming along.

Arundel really is a stunning place to live.

When I arrived home,
I had thought I might work
 on a chest of drawers,

neighbours, who have become close friends
 over the years, had come in,
with a jug of a gorgeous cocktail.

Nass had lit a roaring log fire,
and we all sat, chatting,laughing
and savouring the cocktail.

Well, it was a Bank Holiday after all.

Wishing you a 
peaceful and healthy,
successful in every way

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