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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Chilly Stroll in Emsworth and Pat's Himalayas Charity Walk

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

How's life with you?
It's a grey, overcast morning, here in our little town.
I am trying to get back to my daily walks, but its not always easy.

 If I have  bamboo or chests of drawers to finish work on.,
I seem to struggle a bit to get out and about.

Mind you, that's probably down to the fact
 I get so absorbed, and then look up and its dark outside.

The latest pieces

I had a lovely walk yesterday.

As I had to go down to Emsworth,
 I thought I would have a

 bracing stride out
in a different environment.

Emsworth is a pretty, small town, east of Chichester.
You will find it just off the A27.
If you go along through 
Fishbourne and Bosham
it's a really pretty drive.

It actually comes into the county of Hampshire.
Well, part of it seems to still be in Sussex, part in Hampshire.

If you like all things English, you would love it.
Its by the water, so its all  very sailing orientated.

It was really cold down by the water........

Everyone was well wrapped up

As far as vintage and antiques goes there are a few places to visit.
A couple of antique centres and one or two small shops.

It's just such a pretty place for a wander.

Even on a rather bleak day.

Ha, I wasn't been incredibly clever....
I've also only just noticed myself,
 the slice of wholemeal bread in that seagulls beak.

Sheer luck I caught it with the camera.....

This sign made me chuckle............

Look at those gorgeous Victorian Tiles..

and then it was back to work .........

Himalayas Trek

A dear friend of mine is going on a trek to raise money for a very worthwhile cause and I thought I'd give it a bit of a plug, as I think its an issue that doesn't get talked about too much,
and no doubt, affects more people than we give it credit for.

Pat's story

For personal reasons my heart is really in this appeal to you. I have already paid all the expenses and fees for the trek, so whatever you donate will go straight to SurvivorsUK. I'll be walking 67km over 5 days, up to 8 hours a day (or as long as it takes!) in the world's highest mountain range, the Himalayas. Day time temperatures  can reach 35C, but we will have 4 cold nights in a tent, at heights between 2,000 and 3,500 metres above sea level. Please support my effort and give generously! 
Men who have suffered sexual abuse as children or adults need different support from that required by women. SurvivorsUK offers specialist counselling and support phone lines to help them turn their lives around. It can be very difficult for a man to realise and face the extent of the damage done to his psyche and personality, which can delay his recovery. It can be difficult also for someone outside this experience to imagine the torment a male rape-survivor may go though on a daily basis. This charity needs masses of support to reach and help survivors of a terrifying experience. As with women rape survivors years ago, many men never tell what has happened to them so never get help.

Good Luck Pat.

Have a great day

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