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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A look at Arundel, (including " This is Arundel") A Day in Your Life? and those Victorian Chests of Drawers

Good morning
Arundel Eccentrics

Its a beautiful crisp, sunny, morning,
with frost on the ground.

Hows life with you?

I'm up early and busy trying to finish  chests of drawers
for customers to view this week.

This was yesterday, and these Victorian Chests of drawers
 were waiting on the pavement for a lift into town.

The 19th century chest, below, is HUGE.
It took me ages to do.
Difficult to move around, it was quite a weight,
imagine all those shells to be cut out.

Ha Ha, luckily, we had a lovely chum who stayed with us
 for 12 days who was hooked on cutting out.

Well, be honest, there are worse things to be addicted to aren't there?

Actually, she is so enthusiastic, she took stuff back to
her lovely home in the French Alps,
to cut out on quiet evenings,
 and now sends me batches of 1000 ish at a time.

Marvellous...what a great buddy.

So, before I start cutting and sticking
 and varnishing for the day,
I thought you might like to see a little of our beautiful town.

You might even know it.
If you don't, do come and see it one day.

I see from my blog stats,
we have regular readers from some pretty far flung places.
Its OK, I can't see who you actually are,
 so your secret is safe  with me. LOL

But welcome to you,
from the USA, Russia, and Japan, Australia, India,
Netherlands, France, Taiwan, Sweden, and Germany.

How wonderful that you take the time to check in
 and see what we are up to in this little corner of England.

If you ever fancy writing about a day in your life
I would love to put it on the blog.
Just email me. 
It's something I've wanted to start for a long time,
 as I have friends scattered all over the world.

You can change your name if you want to protect your identity.
Its always interesting to see how other people live.

A friend of mine in France, has sent me a day in her life, to start things off
It makes a great read, some hilarious moments.
I'll post it tomorrow.

Anyway, back to Arundel.
This was the end of our garden just a few minutes ago.
Gorgeous hey?

Looking up towards Arundel Cathedral.

the back of my house....mental note..must get the windows cleaned..Ha ha
 ( no, its not really)

By the way there are a few great Arundel websites
 to find out what's occurring, as they say.

Here is a great one that we are also featured on,
but that's not why I love it so much.
Its gathering many of the local businesses and general goings on
under one beautiful, photographic umbrella.

Make yourself a coffee and have a meander through, its quite gorgeous,
thanks to the photography of  local Christian Doyle.

I must ask the Arundel Tourist office for commission.

Here are some of my own Arundel photographs.

Sadly, this is a site in Arundel that was so beautiful and wont ever be seen again.
John Dunlop's  lovely racehorses exercising  through Arundel Park.

Tragic for the town, hey?
All the horses and jockeys now gone.

Every year, we watch the family of swans,
 we all coo over the babies
and then see them grow to adolescence,
before they then fly the nest.

King Street Arundel,
where many of the houses were built
 by Napoleonic prisoners of war.

Rather informal attire, if I may say so, Ma'am

The lovely, little, flower shop in Tarrant Street

 Angela our town crier

Gorgeous town hey?
So diverse.

It's always a joy to look around even when you live here
The very buzziest time of all, is at the 
end of August when the festival is on.

The town really does push the boat out.
Its wonderful.

You can find all the details on Arundel town sites.

Anyway enough of all that.
The porridge is munched.
The coffee drunk.

I can't put it off a minute longer.
Back to work.

Have a great Sunday

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