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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vintage Garden Pieces, Antiques and walks in Petworth & other Sunday musings

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics.

Its cold.

Spring cant be far around the corner though.
Can it?

You might see this photo on the next Bell front page, if you are local

It was so cold down the warehouse/showroom yesterday.
We had to stay physically busy to keep the chill factor out.

Although, I did catch my lovely husband slacking, at one point,
sitting in the car, with the heater on full
and football commentary blasting from the radio.

Mind you, he had been at the warehouse all day,
 and it was unusually bitter.

We photographed and measured
 all our vintage garden pieces.
They are on the website for anyone who might be interested.

 he is rather gorgeous...........

ha ha so is he........


If you are looking for antiques and vintage,
Petworth is another great place for a meander,
particularly interesting if you are trade customers,
as there are so many gorgeous places in one small, walkable, area

Antiques in Petworth

There are some wonderful places to take a munch break.

I love this cafe.
The Hungry Guest

They also have a fantastic deli down the road from the cafe.
You can buy half a loaf, of some of the most stunning looking, and tasting, breads.

John Bird Antiques

If you are a visitor to the UK
or even just to the area,
you might want to slip your
 camera in to your pocket.

There are some gorgeous places to photograph.


Petworth Park

Fancy a brisk walk in the countryside?

Then leave Petworth on the Midhurst Road.

A little way along the road on the right hand side, you will see a place to pull in.
 It's only small, so don't drive like a boy racer, or you'll miss it.

Step through the gate into, what appears to be, another world,
almost Narnia -like,
away from all the hustle and bustle
 of everyday life.

It's just wonderful.................

We have a little  weekend house there LOL

Nass and  I had a fantastic walk
there with our chums,
affectionately known collectively,
 as, "The Norths",
over Christmas.

There's acres and acres to run amok.

The last time we were there,
 was for an open air,
Van Morrison concert,
in the heat of summer.

He wasn't EXACTLY, running amok.

A great experience
( He doesn't say much,  does he?)

Still got a great voice though Van.
In spite of yerself ,you gave us all a fantastic night. Ha Ha

Actually, a little aside.

Out of all the
thousands and thousands
 of people there,
we sat next to and shared our wine with, total strangers.
Yep, we are like that sometimes.

Now, I was brought up miles away.
In Brighton.
Right over the far end of Brighton
 in a place called Woodingdean.

Here's the conversation.

 Me......" Oh! I was brought up in Brighton"

" Yeah we were brought up there to"

Me......"I used to live in Woodingdean"

" That's where we lived, still do"

Me......" We lived in Cowley Drive"

"That's where we are"

Me....." Just moved there?"

" No we lived there then"

Me......." Did you ever know David T
I was madly in love with him when I was 13.
and his mate Kevin B.?
He was quite a looker too"

They laughed hysterically
" Know 'em
We both went out with them "

Small, small world hey?

A few pieces to finish
and then its,
Sunday Lunch with the
 bruv and his family.

Hope you have a great Sunday

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