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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gilded Pleasure and Berties..A Warm Welcome to Arundel, Bamboo and vintage enamel, and other ramblings

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

There are changes afoot down
Tarrant Street in Arundel.

Firstly, we saw Mark at the greengrocers
 move across the street,
where he has done up the 
small shop in Tarrant Square
 and is as happy as a pig in whatever.

Its looking great in there and he loves it.

Lavender House
decorated the shop Mark had
 just exited and moved from theirs.

It must have been quite a move as
 they have a lot of beautiful pieces.

Now.....are you following so far?

Moving in to their space is the
 most fabulous  hairdressers.

I spent  a couple of hours there yesterday 
having a barnet overhaul.

Stephen and Jack
have decorated the salon out beautifully.

It's friendly..........
I had a great haircut and felt a million dollars afterwards.

They are open all week except Sundays.
 Tel 1903 884893

 Good Luck 
Gilded Pleasure
hope it all goes well for you.

Just along the road
next to Nineveh House
31, Tarrant Street
Berties of Arundel.

 Yesterday, was their very first day here in Arundel.

 I was very sorry to see 
Pauline and Brennie move out of their
Country Kitchen

but the new owners are all set to make
 an impact on Tarrant Street
 I'm sure.

The little cafe has had a beautiful facelift and 
Dean has a great friendly manner.

it all looks pretty tasty

Their phone number is

Good Luck Berties

Creative Writing group

I'm still loving the  Wednesday evening sessions
of our creative writing group here in Arundel.

It's a friendly small group. 
We always learn a lot thanks to Peter our very 
knowledgeable and patient mentor.

How he puts up with us all I'll never know.

But tolerate us all he does, and between you
 and me I think he quite enjoys the banter
 and the many hours of slogging, 
 marking our weekly homework offerings.

Oh OK maybe not the latter LOL

Thanks Peter you are great.

Bamboo and Vintage paraphenalia

As usual I have a house full of vintage enamel, boxes and other items I'm busily painting and decorating.
The fish always go so well....I'm never sure why,
 ..............but I'm not complaining

I'm working on a 19th century bamboo cabinet that you will see in 
House and Garden magazine later in the year.

I'm watching the post for the obscure 
paint colour they requested that I couldn't get locally
and had to send off for.

Its all a bit touch and go at the moment.
I might have to work the night shift.

Here's one of our gilt  bamboo cabinets 
that made there was into magazines last year, 
via Liberty in London.

and one of our bamboo tables............

and one of our fishy chests of drawers

Exciting stuff

We will be at the next 
Ardingly Antique Fair

on Tuesday 23rd April
at Shopping Arcade 68

Do come and say hello if you are there.

Also, we are open every 
Saturday 10-4 pm at our warehouse.
Its just behind the Co-op.
We have new signs up, so you cant miss us.

Wrap up warm though...its jolly cold down there.

Have a great day

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