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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snowy Arundel, This is Arundel, What's on in Arundel & decorating vintage bamboo & enamel

Good Morning
a very snowy and 
bitterly cold

I went out late yesterday afternoon with my camera, up Kings Street and in to Arundel Park.

It was beautiful, though there was a bitterly cold wind.

The howling wind that whipped up the snow, 
gave a hint of the chaos
that was surely going to follow ,
particularly on the roads of Sussex.

This is Hiorne Tower....said to be haunted.
The link below is a great site
full of history about Arundel itself,
Arundel Castle, 
Hiorne Tower
the ghosts and everything
 else in between.

Its written in a really light and informal way.

If you are interested in Arundel Castle
 here are a few events coming up in their diary.

I thought about walking down towards Swanbourne Lake,
but decided against it.

It looked very bleak down there
       a little slippery on the path,
               not a soul in sight
                   and the evening was drawing in.

I headed back into town.

A car slid across the Arundel High Street and crashed into the bollard next to me.
If the bollard hadnt been there, I would probably have ended up in Casualty for the night.

Phew........ I slid down the High Street as fast as my legs would carry me.  Ha ha

As I passed the Kings Arms Pub in Tarrant Street,
I couldn't help  but take a little peek in the windows.... it looked so pretty

 The Kings Arms

                                                                Is the oldest pub in Arundel 

                                                        Circa 1625

       Kings Arms Pub

Whats on in Arundel.

I was having a look to see what's on this month in Arundel.

Check out these links

I've lived in Arundel for years and
 hadn't known half of what goes on
We are getting much more live 
music on the go again, 
by the way.
Particularly open mic nights.
Several of these are at the Eagle Pub
 in Tarrant Street
and there's Jazz up at 
Russells Wine Bar 
Arundel High Street.

One thing I hadn't heard of Arundel hosting before is
The Man from Uncle Convention.
That's amazing, I didn't know there was such a thing.

The Man from Uncle 
was a series in the 1960's with
Robert Vaughan and  David McCullum.

Mr. McCullum's mother used 
to live in Maltravers Street,
and I heard he used to visit the town often.
I don't know if there is any other connection with the town.
Too late now, as I've missed the convention which
was on at the beginning of March.

So now we'll never know Ha Ha

Any art lovers will be interested
 to see whats on 
at the
Zimmer Stewart Gallery
 in Tarrant Street

They have a good programme 
of around eight exhibitions a year,
which features both
up and coming,
 and established artists

This is Arundel

  While I'm chattering on about Arundel
you might like to look at this site
which is just going from strength to strength.

Christian Doyle is a local photographer,
 who does the most fantastic work.
She set up This is Arundel 
with another lovely local, Debbie Kennedy.

These are the pictures she took for  
Arundel Eccentrics

The site is beautifully done and showcases
 many of Arundel's businesses.

makes us all look very sophisticated....
                which we are of course.

Can't sit here all day.

I have Bamboo and vintage enamel to decorate
and someone on an afternoon paint workshop,
(if she can dig her way out of the snow up in Midhurst)

have a great day

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