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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The White Hart Pub, Nurses Cottage B & B and Kindnesses you never forget

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

How are you?

We had a great night at
the party and fundraiser
The White Hart Pub 
here in Arundel on Sunday night.

It was St. Patricks Day
  and also their
1 year anniversary.

James and John Puttnam 
used to run 
The Eagle pub, 
in Tarrant Street 
a few years back.
It was one of our favourite haunts.

They took over 
The White Hart Pub
in Queen Street, Arundel
last year.

At the time, the pub was,
shall we say politely 
" a little down at heel."

So, James, John
 and the lovely
Tim Taylor
 had quite a challenge on their hands.
They clearly stepped up to the mark.

They re-vamped the entire place.
There is always a log fire 
burning on cold winter nights.
Lovely, friendly & welcoming bar staff.

They've completely turned it around,
and now its a popular place 
to spend the evening.

Nass and his mates
affectionately call it
" The Office"

Then there is
Boca Nuevo
the restaurant they have in the pub.

So you can go in for a 
drink and a fantastic meal,
or share a plate of tapas with your chums

Ha ha and no,
I don't get any commission.
I just love the place.
We both do.

Anyway, back to Sunday night,
with apologies for the rubbish photos.

They raised £1,000 for  a children's charity the band
are heavily involved with in Africa.

The band also donate their  payment for the evening.
 There was an auction with items 
donated by local businesses

The place was absolutely packed.

If you are ever in Arundel,
pop in and have a drink or a munch.

Tell them you heard it from me.

( Oooo I might get a glass of Pinot out of it. LOL)
( only joking Tim)

Nurses Cottage B & B

You never forget a kindness, do you?

When I first met Lizzie Lee many years ago,
 I was going through the trauma's /dramas of a divorce.

A few girlfriends were invited
 round to her beautiful house in Arundel for dinner.

I had just moved that day, 
 had no hot water,
couldn't find anything
and was totally stressed up to the eyeballs.

I'm renowned for being late....... 
everywhere I go.
Like my mother before me. ha ha
 We made it into an art form. 

This particular night I 
 was so out of everything,
I got the time wrong and actually arrived one hour early.

Totally disheveled, in the clothes
  I had heaved all my belonging around in for two days,
with probably the lankest hair in the history of the world,
I turned up on her doorstep,
in a rather weepy state.

 As if this were perfectly normal,
Lizzie calmly sent me to her gorgeous bathroom, 
where she  ran a foamy, scented bath,
complete with very large glass of wine
 on the table beside.
Gave me clean clothes,
told me to take as long as I liked 
 and went to finish cooking dinner
 and to welcome her more sensible guests.

To this day I've never forgotten.

It was like serenity and calm after being
 on rather a choppy ocean. 

Lizzie and her other half Paul,
now run a B&B in
which is just on the
 outskirts of Arundel.

Its absolutely beautiful over there.
Calm and serene surrounded by countryside, 
but only a few minutes drive from Arundel,
 or a short walk into town along the river bank.

The house itself was built in the 
1930's as the home for the local district nurse.

The views from the garden at The Nurses Cottage, are spectacular.

They have extended it sympathetically,
 incorporating sustainable
 and renewable energy 
technology and
 furnished it stylishly and simply.

Looking out of one of the bedroom windows.

West Sussex, BN18 9QU
Tel: 01903 884718 / 07870 442261

Cant be sitting here all day.
I have furniture to finish work on.
At the moment I have a project on the go that will be in
House and Garden Magazine later in the year.

Will keep you informed...exciting stuff.

We will be at the next
 Ardingly Antiques Fair
 in April
Shopping Arcade no 68

Come and say " hello" if you are there.

Have a great day

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