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Monday, 29 April 2013

Arundel Sunday Walks & Antique and Vintage warehouse

Good Morning 
Arundel Eccentrics

Bright sunny Monday morning.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Arundel was busy yesterday.
Many people were out walking.

I had loads of work to get on with, painting and decorating vintage enamel buckets & baths.

Thought I would enjoy the sunshine first and had the most wonderful walk.
Setting the pedometer on my phone I set off for Swanbourne Lake. 

Large family groups were all out and about.

On top of the hill you can look down and see the most stunning views.
I didn't realise at first I could see my house from here..LOL

Then down the hill the other side, looking across towards South Stoke and Amberley.

Down past the Black Rabbit...and no...I didn't stop
and back into town along the river bank

by this time the sun had disappeared and it was really cold,
but some brave people walked past in shorts.....

had a quick look to see if the swan's nest was surviving out high tides

The White Hart Pub

Have you been in there recently?
Nass is such a regular, 
he and his mates nicknamed it affectionately
"The Office" 

The walk was almost 7 miles
and set me up for an afternoon in the studio painting.

Antiques Warehouse

I had a wander round to the warehouse to see what Nass was up to.
He and Russ had displayed the warehouse beautifully.

Here is a short video of our latest collection of antiques.
Have a meander around the showroom.

Looking ahead....
We will be on the gallery trail this year in the Arundel Festival.
I will be exhibiting as will Jenny our artist friend  who has been in the warehouse
 during the festival  for the past three years.

We will be open every day throughout the festival.

Come and say hello.

Have a great day

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