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Friday, 3 May 2013

Arundel Town Criers Competition Forthcoming Arundel Events Victorian Bamboo & Decorative Antiques

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

or should I say
"Oyez, Oyez, Oyez" ?

Town Criers  Competition

A couple of years ago
Arundel hosted
the annual 
Town Criers Competition.

As you can see it was quite a spectacle.

Well, its back this year
on Saturday 8th June.

The parade starts at 10 am 
The Norfolk Arms Hotel 
in Arundel High Street.
It will go 
 throughout the  town
 and eventually over the cobbles 
leading to 
Arundel Castle Lower Lawns.

Entrance is free 
and the event goes on all day.

Angela ...Arundel's own town crier.

Be sure to take your camera.

'Freedom March'

On Sunday 31st July
The 1st Bn Princess of wales Royal Regiment
will exercise its 'Freedom' of Arundel.
More than 200 soldiers will parade through the town
accompanied by a military band.

The event promises to be quite a spectacle.
It's going to be in the afternoon,
but exact time to be announced.

Museum Opening

Arundel's new museum opens on Monday 24th June at 2.20 pm.

Arundel Festival

Excitement is slowly 
mounting regarding
 the Arundel Festival 
as we hear throughout
 the months the events being planned.
We will have our warehouse
 open every day of the festival
 and I shall be 
exhibiting decoupage on the
Arundel Gallery Trail

Decorative Antiques

Our warehouse is looking pretty good at the moment thanks to 
Nass and Russell's great sense of display.

Here's a sample of the Victorian Bamboo we have in at the moment.

and this is what I am up to today.
Decorating vintage buckets and pots.

Most people have garden ornaments in their garden...well that WOULD follow wouldnt it?

We have one of our pieces featured in next months Homes and Gardens Magazine

Watch out for it....................

Here is one of our bamboo pieces that was in House and Garden Magazine last year. did they come to be in such a prestigious interiors magazine?

When this is how we found them.............
sorry state of affairs hey? may think, its just a tatty 
old table lying there in grannies shed
or down at the car boot sale.

You may think its from China, and it's pretty new.
Or maybe, that its old, but also from the orient.

Its a fascinating story and that table has 
been around a lot longer than you have.
Well....unless you happen to be about 150 years old, that is. 

The furniture was made circa 1860,
many of the factories were in London and Birmingham.
There were around 250 factories producing the pieces.

Its a great story and there are a few sites on line you can check it all out.

Gary Sharpe  now lives in 
Edmonton Canada,
though, for 20 years,
 used to be an antique dealer in the UK.

His site is full of interesting, interiors information,
and his knowledge on 
English Victorian Bamboo
is pretty extensive.
Worth checking out...ha ha, and no, he's not paying me 

Victorian Bamboo Table...with lions and leopards
this featured in Homes and Gardens magazine in September

Victorian Bamboo table....with chickens decoupage

Have a look on this link.
Wow... there is a massive list of all the factories and
loads of information.

Victorian Bamboo Table with Strawberries...English of course ha ha

We track down these sad and battered tables and bring them home.
They would probably have rattan on the table surface, or lacquer, or sometimes leather..

We clean them up, restore and sturdy them..........
and send them on their way for another 100 years or more.

Victorian Bamboo Table with Gilt and botanicals decoupage

Have a great day
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