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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kempton Antique Fair, Antique Collections, Writing Workshops, Eery goings on & Old Friends on the Doorstep

Good Morning 
Arundel Eccentrics
on a very beautiful 1st May morning
here in Arundel.

Kempton Antiques Fair

Yesterday we went to Kempton Antiques Fair.

It was my first trip, although Nass is a regular.
He normally goes straight off to London to collect or deliver for 
one antique trade customer or another.
So I don't get  invited and I wouldn't go all that way without the use of a van.  

So...its up at 4 am and heading for the m25.
I still can't quite believe I worked nights for 7 years.
Mind you, I was better at staying up all night than rising at silly o'clock. 

 Doors open 6.30 am.
Then its every man for himself LOL

Its more hectic than Ardingly.
Over and done with in a shorter time I suppose.

Well worth a visit.
I could have spent all day there going round and round.
You spot something different every time.

Antiques...our latest collection

Nass and Russell have been busy re-displaying the warehouse/showroom.
Its looking lovely.
We have some interesting pieces between us at the moment.

We are always open on Saturday 11-4 pm
Soon for the summer months we will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11-4.
Other times, we can make an appointment for a time that suits the customer.
(They don't do that at Harrods Ha Ha )

Trade are welcome .

We are in the process up updating our website with items for sale,
but you can see more of what we have in our current antique collection at

Creative Writing Workshops

Woe is me.
Sorry , I KNOW now I 
shouldn't be writing in cliches,
but nothing else will quite do. LOL

The last one is tonight .
Its been great fun.

I shall miss meeting up once a week. 
Listening to Peter, (who was a Sunday Times journalist)
has been so informative and he has 
been  sooooooo patient with us novices.
 We chat about writing
 and share pieces the group have written.

Some of the work has been astounding.

Maybe if we bribe him we might continue in the autumn.

Old Friends.

When I lived at my house in Tarrant Street,
 many years ago I had a great American friend who lived next door.

I thought I once saw a woman standing by my bedroom door, in the middle of the night.
Who knows.
I'm sure many houses in Arundel still have past residents living in them.
My Georgian house was no exception.
That was us on the right with my lovely Afghan dog on the steps.

As I am such a brave person, 
I went under the duvet in the hope she would be gone
next time I put my head above the parapet.

No....still there.

The next morning I had coffee with my friend.
" Errr is there anything in my house?"
She looked up from making the brew.
"Oh you've seen HER then"
Didn't even enquire.
Knew who I meant

 I was always aware of something there, but never felt threatened.
Even called her Sarah.
" Would you stop moving around at night please Sarah?"
Certainly I was never disturbed again in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I told this story, 
one that I hadn't even thought about for many years,
two weeks ago at the writing workshop

It was getting a bit of atmosphere going, you understand? ha ha

Yesterday I was working away in the studio down the garden.
Nass phoned.
" Can you come to the front door?"
"Thought you had a key"
" Just come down will you, there's someone you might like to see"

Standing there was the friend I hadn't seen for 22 years.
She had been pushing a note in the door as Nass happened to pass in his van.

Nearly missed her. How sad would that have been?
We had to catch up on all those years over a
 cup of tea as she is on a tight schedule.

Managed somehow.

Then she is back to New York where she now lives.

What surprises will today hold I wonder?

have a great day.

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