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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Vintage enamel metal bowls buckets baths bamboo supporting a good cause & new workshop dates

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

Suns out.
Lifts the spirits hey?

Its been a busy couple of weeks working on, bamboo and chests of drawers
vintage enamel and boxes, metal baths.

I'm hoping to go away on Saturday  to Marrakesh with old nursing buddies.
Its going to be tight, as I have several orders to fulfill.
I may have to work the night shift. LOL

Its great fun upcycling  vintage items. 

English 19th century bamboo.

Heres some of the bamboo we have at the moment.

botanicals take ages and ages to cut out..but its worth it

we made it into Homes and gardens magazine this month

Sponsor for a great cause

This is Nass, my lovely husband.

Nass came to England to go to school. 
A boy of 11.
His parents thought it might calm him down. LOL

The sad thing was
 due to the problems
that erupted
 in his own country
he was unable to return.

It was 20 years before he saw any of his family again.

By the time I met him, Nass was my son 
Jay's,rather gorgeous
 sport's master
and I was in the middle of a divorce.

Ha Ha,
so the  benefits of being on the PTA
were for me long term.

Best thing I ever signed up for.

The PTA that is. 

Nass is not one to build himself up.... so I am going to do it for him.

My husband is amazing.
But don't tell him I told you.

A couple of years ago he was diagnosed with MS.
We were both shell shocked.
For some while we didn't talk about it.

 The Elephant was most definitely in the room 
When we did eventually deal with discussing it, his reaction was;

" I'm not taking this lying down, I'm going to fight it."
Oh Ohhhhh.
What's he up to?

What did he do?

He signed up for the Brighton Marathon and ran it for
 The Chestnut Tree Hospice
  just outside of Arundel, 
raising money for sick and terminally ill children.

The amazing thing was after only 6 training sessions
 and around the same in training miles, 
Nass damaged his leg. 
He thought if he went out again and aggravated
 it he wouldn't be any good on the day.
So he didn't train anymore.

But run it he did and not only that, slowed himself
 down by  running with someone who was on the
 brink of giving up, so they both came  through the finishing line together.

yeah yeah...I know, she's pretty...well he needed SOME encouragement.

I breathed a sigh of relief. 
His doctors breathed a sigh of relief.
All his friends breathed a sigh of relief.

Oh can't keep that Nassie down.
Now he is about to do the London to Brighton Cycle Ride.

Its on Sunday June 16th

The training regime has been much
 the same as the marathon.
He's only just managed to get a bike.
The ride is a week Sunday eeeekkk

It would be great if you could support Nass
 with one of the charities he is raising money for.
Or maybe pass this on to someone you think would like to.

The Chestnut Tree Hospice

"Chestnut Tree House is the only children's
 hospice in Sussex and cares for 
280 children and young adults
 from 0-25 years of age with progressive
 life-limiting conditions from 
Sussex and South East Hampshire. 

Completed in 2003, the hospice 

provides a 'home from home' 
environment with 10 children's bedrooms
 plus eight family rooms,
 a wet and dry play area,
 computer and music rooms,
 a multi sensory room and hydrotherapy pool. 
The house is set in beautiful gardens
 within an area of outstanding natural beauty.

There are potentially 1,000 families with 

life-limited children in Sussex.
 Chestnut Tree House offers support for the whole family 
including psychological and bereavement support,
 end of life and short break care and sibling support. 

The hospice costs almost £3 million per year to run. 
Families are never charged for their care and less than 
8p in every pound is funded by the government, 
so they rely heavily on the generosity,
 help and support of the people of Sussex."

The British Heart Foundation

The Brain Tumour Charity

We have several friends who have been 
struck down by this terrible disease
 or who have very sadly
 lost a child to it.

One friend who went through it
 and fortunately came
 out the other side,
  told me,

" Oh Brenda, you don't expect to go for a  new pair of
 specs and come home with a brain tumour"

Chestnut tree hospice
Brain Tumour Charity
British Heart Foundation

Arundel Eccentrics Workshops

latest dates

 Next workshop dates 

Wednesday 24th July workshop code 1 
(1 place available)
Thursday 25th July workshop code 2
(also including craquelure)
2 places now available

 Monday 29th July   workshop code 1
3 places available
Tuesday 30th July workshop code 2
(also including craquelure)
3 places available

Tuesday 6th August workshop code 1
3 places available
Wednesday 7th August workshop code 2
(also including craquelure)
3 places available

Wednesday 14th August workshop code 1
3 places available
Thursday 15th August workshop code 2
(also including craquelure)
3 places available

£95 day
The two days together...£150


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Have a great day

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